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James Franco “shadows” male prostitute all in the name of research for a role…that’s what they all say.

James Franco, being the goofball/serious actor that he is on The Actors Studio

James Franco to me, seems to be ooze all the qualities of a Genius Doofus. Or is it Doofus Genius?   I think James is generally quite intelligent, but always seems a bit wasted off, if you will.  Watching James with his big ol’ grin and crinkly eyes endearing himself to the appreciative audience on The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton (and who really knew Mr. Lipton was that funny?) made me giggle.  But,  I laughed out LOUD at Lipton’s “We certainly DO!” when James Franco wondered aloud if he should be discussing his “research” as a male prostitute in the film Sonny — watch and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Sonny was released in 2003, without much fanfare and was directed by that nutbar, Nicolas Cage.  After watching the trailer, though, I’m intrigued.  The episode of The Actors Studio aired on December 7th, and I certainly hope they re-air it, since I missed the show.

I understand this was the hottest ticket EVER for a guest on The Actor’s Studio.  That says a LOT about the love folks have for this silly-smart actor.  Industry-types were begging for tickets, and students were lined UP…with hundreds turned away.  I’m very intrigued about his co-hosting of The Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway.  Somehow, I think they will be the yin and yang of each other; Anne being the highly strung (perhaps disapproving?) half and James being the mellow dude half.  It could be super-funny.

American Gigolo this isn’t.