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“That’s how he peed” will become the latest catch-phrase.


Oh, Howard Hughes.  Look what you started.

TMZ reports:

TMZ first published the autopsy findings yesterday. Among the items found in the bedroom where Dr. Conrad Murray was treating Michael Jackson — “a closed bottle of urine atop a chair.”

Back in November, we posted a story about Dr. Arnold Klein, who told us that Michael Jackson had a habit of peeing in cups and other objects, often in front of others.

Dr. Klein told TMZ today Jackson would pee in any object that was available and it all stemmed from necessity. “That’s how he peed,” Klein said.

So now, when I’m changing Felix’s diaper, I GUARANTEE I’ll be sayin’, “HEY! That’s how he peed!”…or taking James the  Boxer out for a potty?  “That how he peed!”  I’ll be squealing the catch-phrase in a happy, congratulatory tone, though. YAY!!! THAT’S HOW HE PEED!!!

I think, too, that we can use it as a substitution for “live and let live”.  Oh, the many, varied uses for this phrase!  Join me, won’t you?