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Beyonce` nearly run over by London taxi driver…

By:  Brittani ~ The Girl You Want

Girl. That was CLOSE.

Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z have been vacationing in London for the past couple of days,and  it just might be time to come home.  The couple were at the world famous Harrod’s department store when a cab came out of nowhere and ripped off a door of the Mercedes they were exiting. The very door Beyonce was just about to step out of.  Witnesses says she looked very shaken afterward (who wouldn’t be?) but Bey is said to be fine. The vehicle missed hitting her by only mere inches.

Superwoman Beyonce.

Glad she’s okay–can you imagine if she had actually been hurt?  All of her stans would fly to London to track that cab driver down and give him a diva size beating.