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Stinkfoot Suri Can’t Be Bothered To Walk. That’s All.

That KID!!


That kid is bloody ENORMOUS, is what she is.  Honestly.  I’ve left all of them alone since the announcement of the divorce of the year, but I just can’t with the carrying.  I mean, WHERE is Katie under all that kid?

Really, Katie??

I don’t buy the notion that “oh, Suri’s SCARED!” and thus needs to be carried like a tiny baby.  She’s six bloody years old, high spirited, bossy, used to getting her own way, and dare I say, spoiled rotten. Look. At. Her!!  Here’s Katie lugging that KID around MOMA earlier today.

Remember this photo?  Suri took after some paps last year at the airport.  I’m sure they took their photos and ran like hell.  I would’ve.

Remember this?

It’s not just me, is it? Come ON.

Disapproving head-shake here.

Gwen and Gavin Parade Their Kids Around

Gavin and Kingston...what the GDH is Kingston wearing?


The Rossdales, and their nanny, enjoyed a day out at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Kingston, though, seems to be channeling his inner old lady here, with what I hope is a faux fur vest. Seriously, what is that kid wearing?

Kingston in a STROLLER, wearing a fur vest, like any other 4 1/2 year old.

Umm…nice baby stroller, Kingston. Sigh.  You know, he’s a trail-blazer, really.  Bleached hair, old-biddy fur and a stroller.  You know your kids will be rocking this entire look in six months.  Don’t lie.

Where there's houndstooth, there's Gwen and Zuma!

Gwen, as always, looks fabulous. (Can you believe she’s 41?!)  Gavin, as always, looks a little crabby.