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Sports Illustrated’s Brooklyn Decker Broadway Bound

Andy and Brooklyn


People Magazine recently caught up with Sports Illustrated swim suit covergirl Brooklyn Decker at a fundraising gala for her husband Andy Roddick’s foundation in Texas. Decker, Adam Sandler’s fantasy girl in Just Go With It and who got chummy with Rihanna while filming Battleship, assured the magazine that she “is no triple threat“. But goes on to say “I’ve never done any theater, but I am trying to read for a few plays and hopefully I will get something by the end of this year in New York. I might as well dive in head first.”

I’m not one for picking low hanging fruit, so I will just leave that there for now.

Perhaps inspired by Michael Douglas who saw Catherine Zeta Jones in The Mask of Zorro and called his pimp people, Roddick and Decker met after he spotted her in a magazine and did the same.

Recently retired from tennis, Roddick who won the US Open in 2003 stated in the same article that he had tired of the constant travel his sport demanded and was looking forward to spending time in Austin.

As a huge tennis fanatic, I’m not sure how I forgot to include them in our actress & sports star couples round up. But with Brooklyn threatening to take Broadway by storm let’s hope their relationship survives.

Serena Williams Finds Love?

Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou

Photo: zimbio.com

Serena and Venus Williams gave The New York Times a relatively intimate look into their lives for a profile last month. Understandably the sisters fiercely guard their privacy, but the reporter was invited inside Serena’s Paris apartment. Dressed in a low key fashion, she was relaxed in a local marketplace and easily conversed in French.

New pictures posted by OnTheGoTennis would suggest that her fluency came the way it does for many American women living abroad, through a native speaking boyfriend. In this case highly esteemed tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, who is a recent public addition to Serena’s team. During her run to the US Open Championship in New York earlier this week Serena credited him with “keeping her calm“. Feel free to insert your own off color joke here!

This might be considered a lateral move from her last partner, the rapper/ actor, Common, but chances are we will get ZERO confirmation of a coupling from the Williams Camp.

In addition to becoming The US Open winner, Serena was Wimbledon champ and the Olympic Gold medalist. With love like a cherry on top, no wonder she was c-walking!