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Today’s Blind Item – “Uh, sorry, I left my teeth at your condo” Edition

“This one is almost too odd to be true, but it happened. This couple with a short lived relationship that recently split claimed to do so amicably, when in truth the male was a hanger-on that had an annoying habit. The story goes that he was constantly leaving items at her apartment so he’d have a reason to stop by.

The final straw was when she made sure to clean up all of his stuff and return it to him so he wouldn’t find an excuse to show up for no reason. After a long day on set, she returned home to find several urgent messages from him (while high) claiming that he desperately needed to get in to her apartment to retrieve his…….. teeth. After that, she dumped him.”

via (BuzzFoto)

Since I’m on a lifelong Seinfeld bender, George Costanza was the first person I thought of…but he left a sable HAT at the chick’s apartment.

No, this kind of idiocy would be left to someone who either has vanity teeth **coughKANYEcough** or Nikki Sixx who just split from Denise Richards after maybe a week of nastiness.  (Jaaaayzus, de-lousing kits and penicillin must be at a premium right about now.)  Have you seen Nikki’s dentures teeth??

Are those DENTURES?

Other than these two (okay THREE–I’ll throw George Costanza back in), I got nothin’.

A little help here?