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‘Teen Wolf’ – Jeff Davis on Colton Haynes Leaving (NYCC) YouTube Video

Bye, Colton.


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Courtesy of YouTuber: TheDudeLordOfFantasy, we have a clip from the Teen Wolf panel at New York Comic Con where creator Jeff Davis discusses Colton Haynes‘ departure from season 3:


Jeff: Um I spoke to Colton last night actually. And unfortunately he did confirm to me that he’s not coming back to the show. Um and uh it’s disappointing news. Um Colton is a friend. He’s a good friend and uh we’ve left, we’re gonna leave the door open for him to come back if he so decides but uh I think Colton had to do whats best for him and his career and I have no doubt that someone as talented as Colton uh will have little trouble finding good work but uh we are really gonna miss him so… Jackson’s a great character. Uh it was nice to see him finally become a werewolf at the end of season 2 uh but as for the future we’ll have to see.

Moderator: And were…there were offers of episodes to kind of wrap this up, right?

Jeff: Oh yea. Um I’ve seen, I’ve seen things online but very few of them are true. Uh our plan was to have him in uh…there was a contract for 2 full seasons so uh we were hoping he would come back um but uh (shrug.) I think uh it’s show business and some people have to move on if they’re going to…if they feel like they want to do something else creatively. But, uh Colton’s a great actor. He’s gonna, he’s gonna have a fine career. So…

Tyler: And he’s a good guy too. He’s my best friend. And I’ll miss him. (Moderator hugs him) Thank you.

Moderator: And you uh, you have a plan to resolve this.

Jeff: Oh yea, yea.

Moderator: Something happens.

Jeff: Yea yea we have a plan but uh it’s not going to be. It’s not gonna be easy. Uh it’s uh gonna have tough shoes to fill so um we’re going to have to concentrate on uh making this a great season um without him. Um but uh we’ll move on and so let’s talk about uh comic con. alright.

Tyler: Yea!

So there you have it, Haynes will be gone in season 3, but there will be an open door for the Kimono to make a come back!

Colton Haynes Leaving ‘Teen Wolf’?

In a possible case of too much testosterone (or whatever virus Lycanthropy is from),  MTV‘s hit teen drama, Teen Wolf, is losing a main cast member, Colton Haynes, 24, before its 3rd season!

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Photo: MTV

Haynes has portrayed high school student and lacrosse team co-captain, Jackson Whittemore, since the show’s start in June 2011, but now it looks like he won’t be back for its next season. What’s unclear is whether fan favorite, Haynes, is being forced out or whether he’s just being a diva over only being in 12 of the show’s 24 episodes next season.

According to UsWeekly‘s network source:

“…there is absolutely no truth that Colton is being pushed out or that he, or any cast member, is being replaced. We love Colton and look forward to his returning with the entire cast for season 3 of Teen Wolf.”

Haynes, however, is tweeting a different tune via Twitter:

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According to UsWeekly’s source,

“…if he did the 12 episodes, he would not be able to work on anything else during the 12 episodes he’s not on”.

While the show’s popularity is due to its ensemble cast, Hayne’s character was integral to its second season (I still don’t understand what a Kanima is, I called it the Kimono the whole season, I don’t care), and with his transitioning into werewolf being the show’s season 2 cliffhanger this news begs the questions ‘what happens to that story line?’

Personally, if what the ‘source’ is saying about Haynes’ reason for leaving is correct, then it would make sense for him to not want to lose money on possible lost project opportunities. On the other hand, should he really be surprised to be getting less screen time if the multiple plots (alpha wolf packs, undead wolf uncle, whatever-the-hell Bianca Lawson’s character is, wolf-hunters, getting Derek/Stiles to profess their love for each other, and other general teen angst) need resolution as well?  I’m leaning more towards him being a little bit melodramatic about it, but his camp came up with a nice cover for it!

We’ll be watching this one for you!