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Highlander in my Pocket and a New ‘Outlander’ Trailer


pocket jamie
Author Diana Gabaldon with her very own Pocket Jamie!


Ahh, Jamie Fraser, how I love carrying him with me when I read the Outlander books. Granted, he’s just physical in my head but that’s good enough for me…until now. Thanks to Starz and their phenomenal Outlander marketing team, I can carry a little Jamie with me wherever I go. Introducing Pocket Jamie!mini pocket jaime

Yes, you can keep him in your pocket, or your purse or…well, there too but it could get messy.  Starz wants you to take pictures with your Pocket Jamie and post him to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PocketJamie.

*Get your Downloadable Pocket Jamie here.*

Imagine the possibilities. Jamie at the bookstore. Jamie at the tattoo parlor. Jamie at dinner.

Now if only he was one of those paper dolls you could undress…

Starz also gave us the gift of a new trailer this weekend. It’s shorter than the previous one, but it shows bits and pieces of a few more scenes. Plus more of Jamie being unclothed. Thank you Starz, thank you.


Daft Punk And Pharrell Tease New Music In ‘Get Lucky’ Ad

Daft Punk for Saint Laurent


The helmeted duo of Daft Punk return with a sparkly new commercial featuring their latest “Get Lucky.” The track features the vocal stylings of Pharrell Williams and some added funk from bass player, producer and all-around awesome guy, Nile Rodgers. The commercial made it’s debut at last weekend’s Coachella festival, and it’s television debut during ‘Saturday Night Live.’ The group also dropped some cryptic videos during the comedy show, which leaves me hoping that they’ll make an appearance on SNL before the season is over.


Daft Punk are also collaborating with Hedi Slimane for the Saint Laurent Music Project, and the designer will be designing suits for their upcoming tour. They look pretty slick in those black smoking jackets, don’t they? Their new album, ‘Random Access Memory’ will be out on May 21 and also features Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and Giorgio Moroder. 

True Blood Season 6 Teaser


Wow, this year is flying by, it’s barely April and we’re already getting a look at the upcoming season of ‘True Blood.’ The gang’s all here, and it seems the series will pick up right where it left off last season. Sookie looking scared and confused, check. Alcide ripping off his shirt, check! Pam and Tara arguing, also check. Will this be more of the same old TB, or will this season be any good?


We do get a peek at the mysterious stranger who killed the Stackhouse’s parents, and a look at Rutger Hauer‘s crazy new character. Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, directed the season premiere which will air on Sunday June 16 at 9 p.m. The trailer had it’s official premiere on HBO right after the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 premiere.