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Random Blonde News: One Got Married, One Got Pregnant and One Got Tweeted – Tara Reid, Hilary Duff and Kate Hudson

I just couldn’t bear to write three separate posts about these three chicks, so I’m consolidating up in here.

Hot. Messes. Photo: SPLASH

For some reason Tara Reid is still famous and people seem to care that she got married.  I’m not none of them, but whatever.  Seems the Hot Mess Poster Girl married a dude named Zack Keyayov in Greece yesterday, NOT that Danish dude she was engaged to awhile back.  Let’s all roll our eyes together while reading her announcements below:

Hilary Duff has announced that she is pregnant with her first child, one year after marrying husband, NHL player Mike Comrie.

Congrats, Hil and Mike

The only thing I think of when I hear Hilary’s name is my BFF Patrick calling me (many years ago when Hilary was supposed to be “the new Gay Icon“) and yelling, “HILARY DUFF!!” in my ear then…click.  Dial-tone.

Oh, we have one more, don’t we?  Kate Hudson’s babydaddy Matt Bellamy posted this photo on Twitter of their new baby boy, BING.

Never gets old, that one.

Fine…here’s the pic:

Guess what?  The Beckhams did it first and did it better.  Just sayin’.