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Official Lollapalooza 2013 Lineup VIDEO!


It’s festival season, which means ugly cut off shorts and bands you forgot existed getting back together. The mother of all music festivals, Lollapalooza, released it’s official lineup, after a leak that proved to be true.

With 130 acts, including the likes of Nine Inch NailsQueens of The Stone Age and current Hip-Hop Prince Kendrick Lamar with take up residence in Chicago’s Grant Park from August 2-4. Also included in the lineup are PhoenixVampire Weekend and The Killers.


I love that Lolla released a video instead of their usual poster, but you can check that out too at the festivals OFFICIAL site.

The three day passes are already sold out, naturally, but you can still buy single day passes which will go on sale on April 3 at 10 a.m.

Also, if you wanna take a hilarious stroll down Memory Lane–here’s a “review” (ahem)  from 2010’s Lollapalooza by Rebecca entitled: My So-Called-apalooza. This. Is. Priceless.

Backstreet Boys for Old Navy ‘Rockstar’ Skinny Jeans

Hate all you want; BSB is looking GOOD.


Everybaaaah-daaaay…rock your baaah-daaay.” I’m takin’ the stroll down Memory Lane, y’all.  I certainly AM.

Check out Backstreet Boys in the newest Old Navy ad.  (I’m stunned, too, that I’ve mentioned Old Navy twice in one bloody day–the HELL?) ANYcheapskinnyjeansthatIwear. These dudes look pretty gotdamn good.  ALL of them.

Listen, I was Team BSB back in the day (when I was too old even then to like boybands, but that didn’t stop ANY of us) and I own it.  I don’t think you could get all the members of  n*sync together in one room and say the same. Right?


And YES. I saw BSB twice in the year 2000. What. OF. It?

Backstreet’s back, ALL RIGHT!

Happy Birthday, MTV!

MTV is turning the big 3-0, but I have to say it doesn’t look a day over 20. The channel first premiered in homes with a countdown, including footage of a space shuttle launch. The Buggles‘ “Video Killed the Radio Star” became the first music video to premiere at midnight on August 1, 1981, after one of the creators, John Lack, spoke the iconic words, “Ladies and gentleman, rock and roll.” The words “I WANT MY MTV!” became a catch phrase, and a sort of rally cry for those that weren’t lucky enough to have the cable channel. Since then it has been the go to place for new and established musicians to premiere videos, introduce themselves to the world and drunkenly throw makeup compacts at Madonna during interviews.

One of the staples of the channel is the Video Music Awards which kicked off in 1984 with a young Madonna writhing around in a white wedding dress during “Like A Virgin.” Years later in 2003, she joined heirs to her throne Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for some lip locking and caused even more controversy. I’d like to think she was stealing their mojo, and Missy Elliott was left out of the make out session.

Other memorable VMA moments include Prince showing his taunt butt during his performance of “Gett Off.” Marilyn Manson showing his butt, twice. The first in 1997 where he ripped up a bible, which prompted host Chris Rock to tell everyone to “get to church.”

Photo: GettyImages

Britney got people talking on her own with her other four performances. Most notably in 2001 where she danced with a snake during “I’m Slave 4 U.”

While the show hasn’t been that exciting in the last couple of years, who could forget Kanye West storming the stage after Taylor Swift won Best Female Video in 2009 and snatching the mic from her like they were in art class and she was hogging all the crayons.

Besides it’s awards shows, MTV had some pretty groundbreaking programming with it’s reality shows. I spent countless hours watching ‘Road Rules’ and ‘The Real World’ marathons which used to be about more than a bunch of bums living in a house and having sex.  While most of today’s shows are about stupid pregnant teenagers and stupid self-proclaimed guidos, the shows of yesteryear were more fun, eye-opening and even educational. ‘The Real World’ tackled such issues as rape, abortion, homosexuality and racism with the seven strangers it picked to fill out its casts. MTV was also responsible for getting more young people to vote and pay attention to politics with ti’s Rock The Vote campaigns and town hall style forums with presidential candidates.

Oh MTV, what happened to you? They barely exist now, but the networks VJs (video jockeys) were almost as recognizable as the various stars that helped make it famous. There was the always calm and cool Kurt Loder, who got to call Madonna Madge,” but had the unfortunate task of announcing one too many celebrity deaths. The always fun Downtown Julie Brown and one of the longest serving VJs, Carson Daly. Every afternoon on ‘TRL’ he had to pretend to care about N*SYNC‘s pre-show rituals and what Britney’s favorite color was. Somehow he still has a job, and hasn’t lost his hearing from all that screaming.

It seems the 90s are back, with bands like Bush and Soundgarden releasing new music and reuniting for tours, and Viacom‘s other baby, Nickelodeon bringing back their old shows. MTV decided to listen to the gen x-ers that dominated the channel and helped make it famous, and whatever my generation is called, and bring back DippedInCream favorites like ‘Beavis & Butthead’ and ‘120 Minutes’ with  metal-head know-it-all Matt Pinfield. There have even been rumors of a possible comeback for Daria’ as well.

I also enjoyed the too sexual for my young eyes ‘Aeon Flux’ which existed in the Liquid Television block of programming, and the canceled too soon ‘Clone High. There was also the odd sock-puppet sketch show ‘Sifl & Olly’. Not to mention the countless comedy and game shows that helped to launch the careers of Ben Stiller, Jon Stewart and the cast of ‘The State’ that went on to start ‘Reno 911’.

Years after Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were two of the few black artists being played, ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ began and helped introduce the likes of LL Cool J, Queen Latifah and RUN DMC to suburban kids everywhere. Hosted by Fab Five Freddy,then Ed Lover, ironically the show always featured three young, white punks by the name of the Beastie Boys.

So after 30 years, does MTV still matter? It has always been a showcase for what was going on in pop culture, and unfortunately pop culture isn’t as rich and fresh as it once was back in the 80s and 90s. It’s not as influential anymore, but we still have the memories of Nirvana’s Krist Novaselic hitting himself in the head with his own bass, and Beyonce making her solo debut upside down with future husband Jay-Z at the VMAs.

Various artists showcasing their true talent and connecting with the audience on ‘Unplugged’ and seeing what goes on behind the scenes with ‘Making The Video’ and ‘Diary’. I still wish Cindy Crawford hosted ‘House of Style’ and you could enter a contest to hang out with your favorite band.

Maybe I’m asking too much of a TV network and longing for my childhood, but wasn’t it all great?