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“The Expendables” Cast at the NYSE (PICTURES)

"The Expendables" Cast Ringing the bell at the Excahnge!

The cast of The Expendables opened up the New York Stock Exchange this Morning. Still promoting their movie, the stars showed up looking quite dapper I must say. For some reason Terry Crews decided to remove his clothing. I’m not complaining though! Stallone joked, “We went to the bank, they turned down our credit.

4 grumpy dudes and one superhappy dude...
They're all smiling NOW that his shir is off! Whaaaaa?

So we thought we’d go to the source. That’s why we’re here. Not to promote a movie. It’s to get a house loan.” I have to say, I enjoy this group of guys more than say, those Hangover guys acting like their douche characters…and certainly more than uppity Julia Roberts..bleh.