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Ryan Gosling Is Officially A Superhero

Hey, girl. Let me save your life.

Ryan Gosling is known for being a good actor with an amazing body, musician with his band Dead Man’s Bones (check them out!) and a lover of dogs, but he might also have another career in fighting crime. The folks over at The New ¬†York Observer picked up on some tweets by British writer Laura Penny who detailed how star saved her from being hit by a cab in NYC.

Because there were some people that didn’t believe that Gosling went out of his way to help this woman, she pointed out that a woman who witnessed this go down confirmed that that she had indeed been saved by The Godling. I think that’s what should all call him from now on. Ryan seems like a genuinely good guy–he actually stopped a fight between two guys arguing over a painting. Who else does that?!

If the Avengers movie gets a sequel, and it very well might, they should add him as another member. He doesn’t have to play a character, he could just play himself. He already has the mind and body of a superhero.