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The 2013 ‘Sistah’ Bowl


Even though a bunch of relatively (depending on your tastes) good looking men took to the field to fight for the Super Bowl trophy, the event was really dominated by a couple of beautiful, talented women.

Before the coin toss, Alicia Keys sang a slow piano version of The National Anthem, yes, live. Personally, I thought she did a good job of making the song her own, and we all know that it’s not the easiest song to sing.

Jennifer Hudson sang “America The Beautiful” accompanied by students from Sandy Hook Elementary choir. I think the unfortunate violent  connection that JHud shared with these children made this performance very beautiful and moving.

Of course everyone was waiting for the big Halftime show featuring Beyonce and the return of Destiny’s Child. I could talk about a lot of the things that happened during this performance, and the aftermath on Twitter, but I’m just going to enjoy the fact that all of this happened.


Bonus Jay-Z hugging his wife backstage after her performance!!

Beyonce Shows Underboob and Belly on GQ Cover


Daaaayummm!  Take a good look at Beyonce`:  side-boob, zippered thong, sexy body chain and all on the latest cover of GQ Magazine.  Sure there’s some Photoshop going on, but you have to have something to work with in the first place, right?

It appears 2013 is going to a huge year for Mrs. Carter.  She’ll be performing at Barack Obama’s inauguration (singing The National Anthem) later this month as well as headlining the Super Bowl Halftimeand has her own HBO documentary airing in February.  (I’m exhausted just thinking about it all.)

Let’s all revel in the glory that IS Beyonce’s underboob. (Why are Americans so prudish? It’s like the underboob is still unchartered territory and nearly taboo. Honestly.)   Nevertheless.  Bey looks incredible.