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The Best Commercials and Trailers Of The 2013 Super Bowl


If you felt like this year’s Super Bowl ads weren’t all that great, you’re not alone. They certainly brought the unnecessary violence and all out grossness that have come to be expected for the spots that air during the big game. We won’t talk about that awful GoDaddy ad, you’re welcome.

‘Fast & Furious 6’ I can’t believe this franchise is still going, but I kind of appreciate it. The RockVin DieselLudacris and the just starting to age Paul Walker. Sign me up!

M&MLove Ballad” I enjoyed Mars, Inc‘s commercial from last year and they delivered again this year with Red singing Meat Loaf‘s “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” to Naya Rivera. I especially loved his hair piece.

Taco Bell Viva Young” Taco Bell still might not have the healthiest food, but they’ve stepped up their game when it comes to branding. I surprised by how much I liked this one, featuring a Spanish version Fun.‘s omniprescient hit “We Are Young.” I wonder if those Doritos Locos Tacos will still be around when I’m 80. Although, if I keep eating Taco Bell, I might not make it to 80.

‘World War Z’ Speaking of tacos, there was another look at the upcoming World War Z starring Brad Pitt and his boring looking fictional family. There could have been way more of the z, as in zombies, in this but it looks promising.

Jeep Whole Again” God, excuse me, Oprah Winfrey narrated an emotional ad for Jeep which opened with a quote from her. Dedicated to the men and women who have and are still fighting for our country, it maybe made us tear up. Just a little.

Oreo Whisper Fight” What’s the best part of the Oreo? I love the whole thing, but am partial to the cookie. This will probably be a never ending fight, and Nabisco also capitalized on the game’s blackout by tweeting this picture captioned “You can still dunk in the dark” as the players waited for over half and hour to get back to the game.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ I’m not a Trekkie, but this looks really good, right? I wasn’t even blinded by all the lens flare.

Budweiser Brotherhood” You can’t think about terrible beer without thinking about those pretty horses. The bromance, uh horsemance (?), the guy and the Clydesdale share reminded me of that guy and his lion. This was like witnessing a guy meeting up with his old college flame after they hadn’t talked in three years. Now that I think about it, this commercial is odd, but points for using Fleetwood Mac‘s “Landslide.” (If they had used Ginuwine‘s “Pony” it would have had a much different feel.)

Tide Miracle Stain” Even though the San Francisco 49ers lost, they were still featured in one of the few good commercials of the night. A fan gets sloppy with his salsa and ends up with a stain that looks like Joe Montana, that is until his Baltimore Ravens loving wife washes it out with Tide.


Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Andre, Adrien, and Gael


The commercials for Super Bowl XLVI were a little more tame, and boring, this year. Of course there were ads from Super Bowl favorites Budweiser and Coca Cola. GoDaddy.com‘s commercial this year once again made me roll my eyes and wonder just why the hell Danica Patrick is always the star of them. Besides that, there surprisingly wasn’t anything offensive. Guess advertisers got the message that people who buy your products don’t like random misogyny and racism.

Gillette “Masters Of Style” This one actually made it’s debut before the Super Bowl, but how can you not love three fine ass guys like Adrien Brody, Andre 3000 and Gael Garcia Bernal strutting around in beautifully tailored suits?

The Voice “Vocal Kombat” In case you didn’t know, The Voice is a singing competition show on NBC and it returne to television after the game for it’s second season! I assume everyone did their owns stunts, and everything is made better with a little Betty White.


M&Ms “Just My Shell” Mars adds a sixth m&m to the gang with Ms. Brown. Does she sound familiar? It’s Vanessa Williams! I loved Red stripping to “Sexy And I Know It.” LMFAO was all tv, they popped up in another ad for Bud Light and Red Foo had Madonna on his shoulders during halftime. So there ya go.

Audi “Vampire Party” I actually didn’t like this one, for some reason Audi really likes the undead driving their cars. But, I know DivaJulia appreciated the use of Echo and The Bunnymen‘s “The Killing Moon.”

H&M David Beckham Bodywear It’s David Beckham, in his underwear. There doesn’t need to be any other explanation.

Samsung “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” If you’ve never heard of the band The Darkness, now is the time to get into them. They took a break for a couple of years but have reunited and are returning to the music scene. I doubt I’ll be buying this phone, but this sure looks fun.