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T.I. Is Scott Stapp’s Guardian Angel

Scott Stapp and T.I.

Photo: Eonline via GettyImages

Scott Stapp has turned up on my radar not once but twice this week, so against my better judgement, I will catch you up on the Creed lead vocalist.

A couple of days ago, while on the Fox and Friends, Stapp expressed his disappointment with Barack Obama’s presidency, though he stopped short of endorsing Mitt Romney.

Okay, nothing much to that.  But that wasn’t the last we would hear from Stapp this week.

While talking to VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live he told a tale of a drug induced hallucination, culminating in a leap from a balcony at Miami’s Delano Hotel.

Sad, but the music industry is chock full of near death experiences due to excess.

With a fractured skull and hip, Stapp says:

I laid out there for two and a half hours and my guardian angel showed up — rapper T.I. He immediately took care of the situation and saved my life.

They recognized each other thanks to Hollywood’s favorite Catholic, Mel Gibson. Both had worked on The Passion of The Christ: Songs Inspired By soundtrack. During that brief interaction in 2004, Stapp and T.I. had bonded over a mutual admiration of The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide.

By saying the words Roll Tide (Alabama’s motto/slogan/chant–look, I might be in the South but I’m not yet of it) T.I. recognized Stapp and one of the weirder stories I heard this week had a happy ending.

Scott Stapp’s memoir Sinner’s Creed is out now.

When T.I. is not in jail or saving folks from suicide attempts, he can be seen in Boss on the Starz channel.