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Paris Hilton Continues To Be An Idiot With Homophobic Slurs

Ugh. THIS idiot.
Paris Hilton is under fire today after she was overheard saying “Gay guys are the horniest people in the world… they’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS”, in response to learning about the app Grindr is and how it’s used.

Well, that statement is just outlandish and a completely false assumption. That would be similar to saying that everyone with a lazy eye is a boat-footed, foul-mouthed, homophobic airhead. Because clearly, the only proof of that would be you, Paris.

For those of you who don’t know, Grindr is a geo-social networking app for iPhone, used primarily by gay men to find hook-up and dating partners in their area.

As if simply making such a ridiculous statement and offending the majority of the people keeping her remotely relevant wasn’t enough, Hilton’s rep then tried to smooth the situation over by releasing the following statement:

“Paris Hilton’s comments were to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life threatening disease.”

Oh, so it was a comment made with awareness in mind. I bet the gay community is extremely lucky to have Paris Hilton looking out for their well-being.

The situation only escalated when a tweet was posted from the twitter account of the Grindr app itself. Sent directly to Paris, and linking to a picture of her with her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, who happened to be dressed as a fairy; the tweet reads:
@parishilton, frankly we’re surprised that you hadn’t heard about Grindr sooner, given some of the guys you date.
Ooof. Much like everything else in life, Paris Hilton – 0, Gays – 1.

Paris Hilton’s 2010 Las Vegas Mugshot – IDIOT

Isn't she lovely? Photo: TMZ.com

Jesus wept.  These stupid chicks are acting like their mugshots are The New Modeling Portfolio.  They need to at least give the jail  “photographer” proper credit, don’t you think?

Honestly.  Are these photos on their comp cards with their agencies?  Because I’m pretty sure they all posed HARD for these pics:

Our girl, Linds.
Stupid Mischa Barton - (for darling Wendie, from www.mommytopia.com) Heh.
Nicole Richie
Khloe Kardashian, posing so hard it hurts.

I’m so over this crap.

Paris Hilton Arrested for Cocaine Possession in Las Vegas (PICS)

Dumbass Hilton

Photo: Wenn

Say it with me, y’all!  IT WASN’T MINE!!!

Paris Hilton was arrested in Las Vegas last night with her idiot boyfriend for possession of COCAINE.  This bitch already used her “IT WASN’T MINE” Monopoly card earlier this year for toting weed in her purse at the World Cup.

"Close you legs please, Miss Hilton."

Photo and quote: TMZ

“Hilton and her boyfriend, Cy Waits, were arrested a little before midnight last nigh. Waits was booked on charges of DUI, while Hilton was busted for possession of a controlled substance … cocaine.

Paris was released on her own recognizance shortly after her arrest and has hired Vegas legal eagle David Chesnoff.”

I swear.  These bitches.