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Christina Aguilera ‘Your Body’ Video Premiere – Or ‘Rode Hard Put Away Wet’. Whichever.

Oh boy. Here we go.

I have questions. LOTS of questions.

Firstly? Where’s the Cee Lo look alike? Clearly we have a not-so-subtle dig at Christina’s sidekicks, Adam and Blake in the video–she wants to f*ck them the kill them afterward. Ya don’t say?

Secondly? Where are the ciggie butts and coffee can ashtrays?  If Xtina is gonna “play” (ahem) true white trash, I should be able to smell more than burnt spandex and stripper glitter perfume from Victoria’s Secret. (Google it, people.)  And yes.  I can smell it.


Take a deep breath…tell me what you smell while watching Xtina dip herself in $2 ELF facepaint and VS Love Spell Forbidden p*ssy spray. (That’s what the strippers call it, and I’m no one to argue with them gals.)

The outdoor tanning bed; the obviously built on the lot trailer park, the baseball bat, the blue blood, the PINK gagginess of everything.  I need a shot of insulin. And penicillin.

Bottom line?  Sucky song.  No great hooks, just shouting.  Far too many close-ups of too-much-fard.