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Today’s Blind Item – Dude, You STINK Edition


Which hunky A-list superstar is emitting a foul body odor on the set of his latest film? The crew tears up when he walks on set because he showers so infrequently …

via CDaN via NYPost

I’m not sure this is Brad Pitt like everyone else is saying.  Remember when he got pissy about Eli Roth and his stench while filming “Inglourious Basterds“?  Brad even suggested that Eli use BABYWIPES since showers weren’t always available during the shoot.

If Brad Pitt has possibly been eliminated, who else stinks?  Robert Pattinson? Matthew McConaughey?  But maybe it IS Brad because he’s filming the post-apocalyptic horror movie “World War Z” in Glasgow, Scotland.  I’ll bet he’s going for the “I wanna give my character AUTHENTICITY, man”-look.

See what I just did there?  It’s called a flip-flop.  BOOM.