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Song Of The Day: Stabbing Westward ‘Save Yourself’ – As Seen on ‘True Blood’


“I. Cannot. Save. YOU! I. Can’t. Even. SAVE. MYSELF! SO JUST. SAVE YOURSELF!”

This bad-assery of a song played over the credits of last night’s season finale of ‘True Blood,’ and was one of the better closing credit songs the show has used. I mean, it was the title of the episode, how could they have not used it! Stabbing Westward was one of those  Nine Inch Nails 90s copycat bands (yeah, I said it), but this was a pretty good tune from them.  [Ed. Note: DivaJulia agrees 100% about the awesomeness of this song.]

Even Chris Vrenna, who was in NIN for a bit, played drums for them.