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‘DWTS’ Elimination – West Coast SPOILER Alert – Don’t Look!

Okay, West Coasters…skip this post if you don’t wanna know who was voted off DWTS tonight.

It’s actually kind of a surprise, considering this dancer really wasn’t that bad.  I think, though, that most of the viewers don’t know who the heck she is–OR they found her completely unlikeable.  Or BOTH?


So, remember that Blind Item I posted earlier today? Yeah.

Dancing With the Stars – Who Won? SPOILER ALERT!

If you don’t wanna know…don’t look.  Finish watching and then come back for the recap, but I’m gonna spill the beans now, because that’s my little special way.

Kirstie and Maks; Kym and Hines; and Chelsea and Mark


I must say, I only half-assed watched Dancing With the Stars. I do love Kirstie and her amazing attitude and sense of humor–but she really took it all seriously.  I know everyone is sick of hearing that girlfriend is 60 years old. But come ON. She worked hard, and Maks was the perfect partner for her.  I actually liked him this season.

A lot of people were really into Kym and Hines, but I was bored by them most of the time, or embarrassed by the costumes they wore (the marching band outfits, specifically) .  I know, that isn’t the criteria, but I don’t care.  I have a low embarrassment threshold.

Cute, cute, CUTE. Chelsea and Mark

Chelsea and Mark were darling.  She really progressed throughout the competition and wore the little fringe-y pants that I just love. (See? Another lame reference, but that’s what you’re here for, so don’t even.)

Are you ready?  The couple who won the coveted Disco Ball Trophy is…