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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Berlin for “The Tourist” – The Dress

Velvet Versace

Okay.  How do y’all feel about Angelina’s sleeve/gloved black velvet Versace dress?  I. LOVE. IT.

A GENIUNE laughing smile!!

Photos: via HuffPo

I realize some folks may not care for the whole sleevey-glovey combo, but I think it’s genius.  Of course all of us are wondering about the whole “bathroom/loo situation”, aren’t we?  Let me tell you something:  I guaranTEE that dress is easier to maneuver than shoehorning my blubber back into my Spanx in a tiny stall.

Hey. If I looked like THIS, I wouldn't NEED Spanx!

Not even kidding.

Tom Ford thinks chubby women look better naked!

Oh, Tom Ford.

I think I was mad at The Hot Piece of Ass known as Tom Ford, but I forget why.  Oh.  Wait.  It’s right HERE.  But I ain’t mad now.

Seems Mr. Hottie McScruffyGorj thinks chubby chicks look better without clothing!  Whaaaa?  I realize this probably a back-handed compliment, but still.  It’s a step forward? Kinda?

via Style Magazine:

“The former Gucci designer says clothes can sometimes be unflattering and thinks it is a good idea to embrace nakedness to help give people confidence in their bodies.

He said: “I spend most of my time at home naked. You know, most people actually look better nude. We are all one harmonious colour, with a symmetry and an innate elegance. Fat women almost always look better without the constraint and lumpy pinching of clothes, all the straps and elastic squeezing and sucking.

“We are the only animal that wears clothes, and that can’t just be because dogs can’t do up buttons.”

While he believes most people look better naked, Tom – who recently released his first womenswear collection in six years – says he wants his clothes to be flattering and timeless.”

Well, THIS “animal” still won’t let her husband watch her shoehorn her way into a Spanx.  No way…no HOW.  Oh, the humanity.