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By Brittani ~ The Girl You Want

Spain Reigns in 2010 World Cup!

Well, it’s over and it was so much fun.  I don’t know if soccer football will be any more popular than it already isn’t (ha ha) in America but I, for one had World Cup Fever.  Besides, all of this introduced me to some of the hottest athletes in the world.  While we still worship (the other) football, basketball and baseball players here, the rest of the world already knew about these guys.  For whatever reason, hockey players are the hot athletes to hook up with.  Carrie Underwood got married this weekend to Mike Fisher.  Hilary Duff is dating Mike Comrie.  I mean, hockey is cool and what-not, but who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to Cesc Fabregas or Carlos Bocanegra. C’mon ladies, step up your highly paid athelete game!
Andres Iniesta for the WIN!

So it all came down to Spain and the Netherlands with Spain being the favorite to win.  The game went into overtime and yes, I watched all 106 or so minutes of it. After an hour it was like, “someone make a damn goal already!”,  but it was an exciting game to watch.  I have to say, with players like Cesc, David Villa and Iker Casillas, they definately had the advantage of looks.  I’m sure there are some cuties on the Netherlands team too, but their bright orange uniforms distracted me.  Andres Iniesta made the winning goal and was so excited he took of his shirt.

The REAL World Cup DIVA -- PAUL, the Octopus

The best thing about all of this is an octopus named Paul, also know as the Oracle of Oberhausen, predicted everything! There was a little bit of drama when a spectator tried to touch the World Cup trophy before Spain and Netherlands took to the field.  After accepting his second place medal and shaking some hands, the Dutch coach took ripped off his medal.  Talk about being a bitter bitch.

One thing I won’t miss about all of this is the sound of those vuvuzelas.  That honking noise will haunt my nightmares for months to come.   Among other annoyances, there was Landon Donovan’s baby mama drama after the U.S. lost to Ghana, but we’ll see what happens there, won’t we?

Then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Oh, C-Ron.  Well, he’s certainly having his own baby drama, isn’t he?  While he was out and about in New York looking….well…European, his sister Katia was back at his home in Portugal taking care of his son. We still don’t know who the mother is, she is American.

Cristiano, pretending to talk on the phone?
C-Ron and his thighs in NYC

Let’s hope the baby gets C-Ron’s thighs.

2010 World Cup – Hottest Players

The 2010 World Cup is upon us and you either have the fever or you don’t. But there’s no mistaken that soccer players are some of the hottest athletes on the planet. So get out your vuvuzelas and enjoy all the sexiness the (real) football world has to offer.

Yoann Gourcuff: The 23 year old French player got a lot of attention during The World Cup, even though France didn’t do so well. He was even given a shout out by Andy Cohen on Bravo’s What What Happens Live. So obviously, he’s made it!
Theo Walcott: He didn’t get to play in this year’s World Cup for England, but that doesn’t make the 21 year old Arsenal player any less cute.
Cristiano Ronaldo: I go back and forth on whether Cristiano is actually hot.  Sometimes he’s nothing more than greasy Eurotrash that hangs out with the likes of Kim Kardashian.  But when he’s making one of the 7 goals that won Portugal’s game against North Korea, I have to say, he’s pretty hot.

Cesc Fabregas: The Arsenal player who is a part of Spain’s national team is known for his aggressive playing. I bet he’s aggressive elsewhere.

Landon Donovan: The 28 year old Los Angelas Galaxy player became even more well known as when he made the miracle goal during USA’s match against Algeria. During an interview after their win, he gave a shout out to his ex-wife, actress Bianca Kajlich, on camera. Even blowing her a kiss. That kickstarted rumors of a reconciliation between the two. However, the American team was beat by Ghana 2-1 so that might not be happening now!
Benny Feilhaber: The Brazil native plays for Denmark’s AGF Aarhaus but was also a part of the United States national team. Not only is he adorable, he knows how to be silly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pUjk57x9jI
Roque Santa Cruz: He was chosen as the Sexiest Footballer for the 2006 World Cup and four years later, he’s still pretty hot. Maybe I should move to Paraguay.
DivaJulia thought Freddie deserved one more picture. Heh.
Fredrik Ljunberg: When he’s not kicking the ball around, he’s also a model. He played for Sweden’s national team until 2008. I love the whole “Oh hello, ladies!” look about him.  (And he plays for the Seattle Sounders, y’all!)
Tim Howard: The 31 year old is the goalkeeper for both Everton of England and the United States. A native of Hungary, he was also drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters in 2009. He’s a great player all around.

Kaka: His birth name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, but you can all him Kaka. I’m not entirely sure why everyone is creaming themselves over this guy, but he’s a cutie, i’ll give him that. Apparently, even Ashton Kutcher is a fan. Or he just likes his name.
Carlos Bocanegra: He’s the captain of the US team and, as you can see, hotter than one man needs to be.
Marco Boriello: I had to get at least one Italian on the list.   Oh, you’re welcome!
Iker Casillas: Real Madrid has some of the hottest players, including Kaka, Ronaldo and at one time, David Beckham. They also have some of the highest paid players. They’re like a Spanish Yankees. Their fans right wing politics aside, Iker is one of their best players.
Robbie , is that a stain on your shirt or are you just happy to see me?
Robbie Findley: He’s been a Forward for the United States since 2007 and currently plays for Real Salt Lake. His cousin, Mike Bibby, plays for the Atlanta Hawks and he’s related to Shaun McDonald of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Lots of hot athletes in that family. My, what a big trophy you have!
Andre Pierre Gignac: I’d like to thank my friend on Twitter @smrtmnky for introducing me to him. The French player looks a bit like my ex boyfriend, but I won’t hold that against him.
Again.  You’re welcome.