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‘Snow White and the Hunstman’ Trailer – Prepare Yourself!

Can you hear my back-pedaling?  I was totally rolling my eyes about this film, but now that I’ve seen the trailer, I’m intrigued.  I had thought it was odd that Snow White would look more like Joan of Arc (while looking bored and biting her lip–oh, KStew!), but YIKES.  Why can’t she?

I began reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales when I was in fifth grade, when I had a lot of other crap going on in my life. The gory fairy tales were an escape for me, I suppose it explains a LOT about the blackish-red poison I feel creeping into in my heart and brain at certain times.  Especially lately.  But I digress.

Okay then, on with watching the trailer…

These RAVENS!!


This shot of one enormous raven turning into millions of black wings darkening the sky…simply breathtaking.

Sinister winged beauty...

As you probably know, there are two Snow White films being released.  One seems a bit less dark, as Snow White herself is a more Disney-esque in appearance, but today we’re going to discuss the Evil Queen(s) portrayed by Charlize Theron and bitchy horse-face Julia Roberts in that other one.

Which Evil Queen do YOU prefer?

If y’all know me like I think you do, it’s perfectly clear which Oscar-winning actress I prefer.  Charlize Theron oozes elegant, evil beauty.  It’s as if we fear her, but admire her vain and destructive ways at the same time.  She. Means. BUSINESS.

Roberts, on the other hand, completely makes me want to to yank those feathers off her horse head and pull her mane.  She merely looks like an aging, bitter woman- easily overcome and defeated by someone with a lot more rage. (I wholeheartedly volunteer.)  Did I go too far?

Finding my 'Grimm's Fairy Tales" book makes me want to read it again...

That’s what happens when one reads the authentic Grimm’s Fairy Tales at age eight.