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President Obama Soothes Crying Baby – C’mon, Baby…

This video is perfect (and funny) on so many levels, I barely know where to begin.

"C'mon, Baby..."

You will need to watch this more than once.  It’s that good…

Smilin' MEAN.



The look that POTUS is giving to FLOTUS is called the smug “Smilin’ at You Mean”-smile in this house.  You know you’ve done it, too–the squinched eyes, slightly wrinkled nose and snotty little smile?  Yeah.  Y’all know. Gotdamn if that isn’t a hilarious fight-starter, right?  I’d LOVE to know what Michelle said to Mr. Handsome, Charming, Baby-Soothing President once they were alone.

Oh…one more thing:  Mr. Handsome, Charming, Baby-Soothing President can say, “Oh, Baby…c’mon, Baby”,  to ME any time.

(Oh.  Did I just say that out loud?)