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Happy Birthday Brad Pitt, Ya Big Ol’ Hayseed!



If you can believe it, our beloved Hayseed aka Brad Pitt is almost 50. He’s celebrating his 49th birthday today, and thankfully he is aging like a fine, Midwestern wine. His latest  bomb is ‘Killing Them Softly’ and next year we will see him battle hoards of zombies in ‘World War Z.’ 


Tux By Tom Ford The Men’s Wearhouse?

No word yet on when the “Wedding Of The Century” will take place, but we’re sure Mr. Pitt will be enjoying his b-day with Angelina and the kids.

“That’s right.”

Remember THIS hotness??


How ’bout a little Snatch, though?

So, who remembers what the name of the song playing during the fight scene? NO CHEATING! Name and artist!


Happy Birthday, Hayseed!