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Gwyneth Paltrow to return to Glee


My archenemy will be reprising her role as substitute teacher Holly Holiday on Glee. No word yet on how many episodes she’ll be appearing in, but she obviously made a big splash. Paltrow told Access Hollywood that it was “the best job ever.” Even better than the one that won you that Oscar? I can’t wait to see how they will piss off Lindsay Lohan again.

Nice one.

Production resumed today after several members of the cast had come down with tonsillitis. The cast and crew were in the middle of shooting their big post Super Bowl episode when production had to be shut down. Wow, I wonder how what…10,11 people all caught the same illness…

Paltrow singing “Eff You” on “GLEE” – full video; (Ain’t that some sh*t?)


Who would have thought that the two chicks who irritate me The. Most. would be on-screen together? Paltrow and Lea Michele all at one time. Crammed into one hour and crammed into my left eye for a good dose of smug. OhdearLORD, I’m so happy I have MARIA to write about Glee for me, because I just can’t.

I’ll wait while you gather up your tuna on white with mayo, a TAB soda and a twinkie (thank you Navin Johnson), then you can watch Smugyth Blandtrow–I’m copywriting that moniker, so don’t EVEN.

Imma say it again…ain’t that some shit?