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Madonna in the South of France, scouting locations for “W.E.” – and smoking?

Madge, in the South of France with a ciggie and a lighter. Wow.

Photo via: Dlisted

Really, Madonna?  Jaaayzus.  I just wrote a post about Stupid Jessica Alba smoking in France–is there a new requirement that once you hit the tarmac, you’re supposed to light up?  I’m surprised…shocked, even.

So, here’s Madge, on a boat of some sort (I refuse to say “yacht” for personal reasons–don’t ask) with what appears to be a ciggie in one hand and a cheap-ass Bic lighter in another.  Say it with me: “It’s not MINE! I was holding it for a friend!”

Just in case you aren’t aware of Madonna’s movie-sorry, film, here’s a quick synopsis of “W.E.”

via DailyMail.com

“The movie centres on the late British monarch King Edward VIII and his decision to abdicate the throne for his American divorcee lover Wallis Simpson.

Madonna arrived at Nice airport to film key scenes earlier this week and went straight to Villefranche where she took a trip out in the bay on the boat.

The yacht may be stand in for the Nahlin, the Royal yacht which Edward used to take Mrs Simpson on a cruise around eastern Europe after he ascended the throne in 1936.”

"Cigarettes Smoke People" - CPAA

I wonder if Madonna smokes with Lola around, or just with Taylor Momsen?

Jessica Alba likes to smoke in France…and everywhere else.

Lovely. Breathe in Baby Honor's face, too?
Weight-loss management?

Awwwwesome.  Stupid Jessica Alba (and her smoker-husband, Cash Warren),  just made herself even more stupid in my eyes.

Hey.  I’ve been an American in Europe (fah fah FAH fah fah….), but didn’t “take up” smoking, so there’s no WAY this is just vacation smoking.