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Jennifer Lopez (Don’t Call me JLo) at Macy’s in New York City for Fashion Week

Wow, Jen. Really? (Nice diamonds, though.)

Yeah.  I’m gonna sound like a total snip here, but wow.  Jennifer Lopez needs a new make-up artist and stylist.  We all get shiny from time to time, but you’d think someone would be helping this DEEEEVAH out during her Macy’s appearance while she hawked her toilet water, right?   There are plenty of products to help with the shine. I use one by Revlon now.  I’ve used another product called  24-7 Freeze and Go.  Both are great products; the Revlon gel is around $10; the second goes for upwards of  $75, on the 24-7  Freeze website–but is MUCH cheaper on ebay.  (NONE of the products/companies are paying me to mention them, FYI.)  There are also blotter papers, like Shiseido or less expensive and JUST as effective drugstore facial blotters.

Oh, and guess what?  All of these products are great for DUDES with shine issues.  None of them have a “girly” fragrance and work great for all skin-types.  (I used to work with a guy who used Clean and Clear blotter papers.  He’d deliberately use one blotter sheet until it was TRANSPARENT from his greasy face and head, just to make me heave.  Good times.)

Shiseido Blotters
24-7 Freeze and Go
Revlon Primer - LOVE it. Gives you smooth and matte skin.

Are y’all getting my point?  JLo is not only shiny, but her eyebrows appear to have a grey tint to them, not to mention the cruddy eye make-up in general.  (And just so you know, I used to manage the Christian Dior Beaute`  and Skincare line at Macy’s–so I do know of what I speak.)  So, don’t EVEN.

ANYcelebritiesAren’tAsPerfectAsThey’dLikeUsToBelieve.  Mami JLo needs to get another crew on board if she’s still demanding a crazy-ass-sized staff for her possible American Idol judging gig.

“Aside from her perfume peddling efforts, Miss Lopez has been immersed in the “American Idol” judge replacement chatter – though she’s not a frontrunner due to supposed “unreasonable” demands.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, J Lo is asking for a salary upwards of $20 million a year, plus “a personal hair, make-up, styling team and her own dressing room compound.”

So, yeah.  I know stuff.  It’s been said that I “know a little about a LOT; and a lot about a LITTLE”.  I realize that isn’t a compliment; but it’s one of those things you never forget when someone says something like that RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR BACK.