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Mom Punches Skateboarder For Skating Into Her Kid At Skatepark


via 1077TheEnd

Okay.  Let’s all get into a circle and have a chat after you watch the video of a skater dude accidentally knocking down a little kid. I’ll wait.

So. What say you?  Here’s my problem, I’m actually torn! I remember all too well being the hot-headed single mom who would do ANYTHING to stick up for my boys. If anybody fucked with them, it was game ON.  I wasn’t terribly popular amongst most of the faculty members, particularly once the boys hit high school, but I stand by everything I ever did on their behalf.

Here’s where this skateboarding incident gets tricky. SkaterBoy was skating at a skate park. The little boy who was knocked over by SkaterBoy was running loose at a skate park.  The woman who initially picked up the child wasn’t his mother. MamaBear came stomping over from a distance after the accidental smack-down.  The child looked to be about 6, don’t you think? I never…and I mean NEVER let my kids roam around a park of any kind with me shadowing them, so this is where it gets fuzzy for me.

Firstly, SkaterBoy didn’t knock the kid down purposefully. In his best skaterese, he asked, “you all right, dude?” to the crying child. (That’s far more politeness than you’ll see at the MAC counter when a Limited Edition lipstick goes on sale, believe me.) Then here comes MamaBear from clear across the park, fists clenched, yelling “you hit my son??” over and over, shoves SkaterBoy then DECKS him! Daaaayummmm!

Part of me was all, “HELL YEAH! Look at MamaBear defending her baby!“, but then common sense took over. (See aging isn’t as shitty as I make it out to be! Yes it is.) My sons are now grown-ass men. They both still skateboard. Alex takes his five year old son to the skate park stays right with him, teaching him the ropes and etiquette of skating. If it’s too crowded, they leave for Felix’s safety. 

Now that I’ve put it all into words, I am siding with SkaterBoy.  That kid came out of nowhere, (didn’t have a skateboard!) or a parent right there with him. MamaBear? You went too far and were a crappy example to your kid. Nicely handled. (Eyeroll…)