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Demi Moore, Please Sit Down Somewhere

These two losers...

I’m all for women of a certain age getting or keeping their groove.  However, at some point, it’s time to let the younger girls have the spotlight.  I’m not sure who to blame for this, Snoop Dogg for letting her up there.?  Ashton for not stopping this sooner?  Demi, for thinking she could drop it like it’s hot?  You decide.

via People.com

The couple were on stage with the rapper last weekend in Las Vegas, and Demi decided to show the audience how she gets Ashton not to steal her Social Security checks. Kutcher tweeted (of course he did) “Why am I on stage with @snoopdogg in Vegas?” Yeah, why are you? You know Snoop, half-assed verses on Katy Perry songs and hanging out with these two aren’t doing much for your rep these days.

I don’t really think you can call what Demi was doing dancing. It was more like an over-exaggerated way of trying to get her underwear out of her butt. It’s kind of sad how the 47-year old kept going over to her hubby for validation. “I’m shaking it, right, baby?!  I’m shaking it!”  She’s lucky she didn’t break her ass, or a hip. Okay, “old jokes” aside, you know she wasn’t dancing like this when she was with Bruce Willis.

p.s. DivaJulia is sulking over in the corner with her sciatica after hearing all those “old biddy” jokes.  SNORT.