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Pharrell Williams – iHeartRadio Innovator Award 2014 – FULL PERFORMANCE


I suffered through the entire two hours of commercials the iHeartRadio Awards last night mainly for Pharrell. I ain’t gonna lie. I love Pharrell with all my heart and soul. In fact, I just sat down (I’m outta breath, y’all) because I was dancing alone in my living room watching last night’s performance all over again.

Take a look, listen and we can talk about some other stuff…

Okay, a couple of things more about Pharrell. Where was Timberlake? At least via video? He can’t be bothered to at least thank a dude? I might be just assuming shit, but I think there’s some bitchy-girl slap-fighting going on between those two (especially JT). I have NO BASIS for that last statement. None. I’m just sayin’, though.  Also? I do think Pharrell could’ve mentioned Chad Hugo from his N.E.R.D. and Neptunes days, but that’s just me.

LOVE Stefon.
It I miss Stefon.


Those things aside? Imma have to go blast “Come Get It Bae(in Stefon’s voice) in the newest club in town: Mama J’s Living Room.

Did y’all watch? Oh, and what about 30 Seconds to Mars sounding exactly like U2 with their ‘City of Angels‘ theatrics? Discus with us!!

President Obama Sings Again At White House Blues Concert


While the Republican candidates are off being, well…President Obama spent Tuesday night singing with music legends like B. B. King and of course Al Green at the White House’s celebration of Black History Month.

The show, which will air on PBS Monday, was hosted by Taraji P. Henson and will feature other performances by Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy and a tribute to the late Etta James. While everyone, including Mick Jagger, were on stage at the end, the Prez gave thanks and joined them all in “Sweet Home Chicago.” Check it out here!

POTUS sounds pretty good, right?!