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Angelina, Brad’s Mom Jane and Johnny Depp in Venice

Jane Pitt, holding Knox; and Angie holdng sister Vivienne in Venice, while give her mother-in-law the side-eye.

I’ve seen that look before from a daughter-in-law, and God knows I probably deserved it.  Anyway.

Rumor has it that Brad Pitt’s parents invited the Jolie-Pitt clan for an nice Easter celebration — in Missouri — and that Angie said no and hell no.  I have my doubts about this silly talk.  I truly think Brad’s parents might enjoy traveling to Venice, Italy to see the clan knowing that Angie is WORKING in that glorious city.  (I’m not saying Angie looks all that thrilled about the visit…but who knows? Maybe she’s just tired. Yeah. THAT’S it.)

Here’s a pic of Angelina’s co-star Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam (yet again,  beating a dead horse!), Johnny Depp.  Why is his head getting wider??  He’s turning into a  giant headed-Kennedy forpitysake.

Johnny Depp - HANDCUFFED!

Always have to include the Separated at Birth-Eddie Vedder pic.

And Angelina, looking luminous, of course!

Who ELSE can look this exquisite in a hooded raincoat?

Oh, and Angie’s NOT pregnant, despite the whisperings of another baby on the way.  Just tellin’ ya what I heard.  Pass it on.