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Alec Baldwin’s Homophobic Twitter Rant – Double Standards For ‘Liberal’ Men?



Honestly. I’ve been turning into a loud, angry feminist this week, starting off with a certain “state” in the country–I mention no names. (My apologies to my beloved SilverFox husband, for my own rants.) Just know, I’ll be all over the map on this post, as I tend to do when something really gets my wet, stinky goat.

By now, everyone knows about the fallout from Paula Deen’s use of a completely unacceptable word. Dropped like a hot tater by EVERY SINGLE professional partnership she ever signed on with–and rightly so. My question to you is, why the gotdamnhell does Alec Baldwin continually get away with nasty behavior and slurs?

Let’s take a look at Baldwin’s rant on Twitter yesterday, as he “defended” his wife when she was accused of Tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral in New York yesterday:



Um. Wow. That’s some ugly Tweeting right there. Does Baldwin get away with this kind of talk because, allegedly, he’s a liberal man?? God knows, we’ve crucified (ahem) Mel Gibson for the bile he has spewed, but he’s a known conservative nutball, right? What if, say, Melissa McCarthy were the one in question here? What kind of backlash would she be getting? Fired from CBS? Boycotting of her new film? I guaran-effing-TEE we’d being seeing some woman-hate and not merely a collective shrug-off like, “oh, that ALEC and his silly temper!” I don’t see Capitol One dropping his ass, do you?

In other words, Baldwin gets a giggly-pass for his Words With Friends On A Plane performance, another Twitter rant regarding a Starbuck’s barista.



Oh. Does anyone remember the voicemail Mr. Baldwin left his then 11-year old daughter, Ireland for not answering her phone at the designated time? Do the words “thoughtless little pig” ring a bell? Let me refresh your memory:

Is it just me? Or does this award-winning blow-hard just GET to do this shit?  What are your feelings on this guy?  I know of one journalist who doesn’t take kindly to Baldwin’s dirty mouth:



I believe Alec Baldwin could PUBLICLY call a woman the c-word and get away with doing so, because it’s a man’s world.

You can quote me on that.

Jackie Warner Thinks Jessica Simpson Should Have Worked Out During Her Pregnancy

Jackie Warner, that "trainer chick" from TV


Really, Jackie?  How many time have YOU been pregnant? Here’s what Miss Sinew-Arms had to say about Jessica:


“If you’re working out during your pregnancy, the pregnancy not only goes better, the baby is healthier, and the weight falls off much quicker. It’s really really important to work out during pregnancy. I have trained many clients at nearly seven months along, so there really is a lot that you can do.”


That’s only my first point.  My second point is, enough with the bitchiness about Jessica Simpson‘s weight during and post-pregnancy.  Honestly.  Most bloggers thought it was cool to post (then mock) Jessica having the gall to go out in public like she just had a 10 pound baby!!  The NERVE of that woman…looking like a normal woman after giving birth.  I refused to take part in any of that crap.

And now this woman (who most people don’t even recognize) feels the need to remain relevant by shaming Jessica’s pregnancy and post-pregnancy weight and lifestyle.  Let me tell you something:  The ONLY way I “worked out” during the pregnancies of my sons was running to the closest bathroom (or alley, or bush, or bowl in the car) so I could puke, vomit, spew, hoark, dry-heave, or wet-heave some neon bile OR the meal I just forced down. Oh, and if I was SUPER LUCKY, I’d pee my pants at the same time!  I weighed 134 lbs. AT DELIVERY with my eldest son, Alex because I was so nauseous–and he weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz.  I actually envy Jessica for always looking happy and healthy during her pregnancy.


Jessica Simpson was clearly happy pregnant.


Oh, and Jessica is also signed on to represent Weight Watchers during her weight loss for a cool $4 million.  I think she’s using that as motivation to lose weight, because as we all know, girlfriend is a billionaire with a capital B.  She’s clearly not doing it for the money.

Jackie Warner needs to shut her pie hole.


Fantasia’s father pretty much blames HER for getting raped at age 14.


It seems Fantasia has a piece of utter shit for a father and I don’t feel I’m being the least bit slanderous saying as much.  Frankly, given all the therapy I’ve had over the years for sexual abuse, Fantasia’s recent drama is TEXTBOOK abuse-victim behavior.  Read for yourself and tell me what you think:

via ONTD:

“Singer Fantasia Barrino’s father has stunned the star’s fans by going public with his thoughts about his daughter’s teen rape ordeal. The “Baby Mama” singer was assaulted in her school auditorium by a fellow student she has never named and admits the experience initially left her numb.

In a candid new interview filmed for VH1 documentary series Behind the Music, Barrino recalled, “I didn’t even cry on my way home; I was numb… (I was) confused. I just felt nasty, disgusting.”

Her mother, Diane, offered her distressed daughter a shoulder to cry on – but her father split the family with his reaction.

Diane recalls, “She (Fantasia) broke down, started crying and told me what happened. I held her and cried with her and prayed with her but of course I was devastated.”

But her dad, Joe, wasn’t as sympathetic.

Barrino explains, “He said, ‘If you wouldn’t have been running around with those little dresses on it would have never happened.’ That was the last thing I wanted to hear him say.”

Joe Barrino even agreed to be interviewed for the documentary and stated, “I’m not putting the blame on her, (**YES HE IS.** – DiC) but when you’re dressing like that, you’re saying, ‘Hey, there’s a party over here.'”

Wow.  This statement from Joe (“My Daughter DESERVED to be RAPED”) Barrino sheds a whole new light on his daughter’s entire life, doesn’t it?  Hmmm…Fantasia was too ashamed to go back to school after her horrific ordeal, soon afterward had a baby at 16–without any kind of support for her daughter’s father, allowed members of her family to mooch off of her earnings from her American Idol success–and almost losing her home, falls in love with a married (“hey, Baby…me and my wife ain’t together no more!”) man, the shit hits the very public fan, and Fantasia attempts to commit suicide–THEN has to immediately discuss every sordid detail on TV because she has a new cd dropping.   Nice how everyone (including her record label, J/Arista Records?) seems to be taking advantage of Fantasia.  Y’all should be ashamed.

Remember this performance by Fantasia on American Idol? (Oh, how I loved Quentin Tarantino as the Guest Judge.  If you’re a fan of his films (and by God, you better be), you KNOW that dude knows music. ANYReservoirDogsAndPulpFiction.)

Oh, and Joe Barrino? EFF YOU.

Girl needs some therapy. STAT.

Go ahead, y’all. Come at me. I’m ready. Like I’ve said before: I brought my dancing shoes–I can dance all night.