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‘Twin Peaks’ Is Coming Back In 2016 On Showtime!

If you’re still a fan of the super weird murder mysteryTwin Peaks,’ then you’re in for an early Halloween treat. It was officially announced on Monday that the cult television show would be returning to TVf or a limited series run.

Co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost teased the surprised announcement on Twitter last week, and now we know that they will write and produce new episodes, with Lynch directing, for Showtime, set to air 2016. The network will also air the first two seasons in advance of the new new season. Set in present day Twin Peaks, new episodes will hopefully answer fan questions and give a satisfying conclusion to story lines set up for a third season that never happened.

Twenty-five years later, we have a chance to revisit it, and we’re hoping it’s an equally cool, pardon the expression, peak experience for everyone,” Frost says.

When it originally aired on ABC in the early 90s, the show wasn’t a ratings hit, but the big whodunit of “Who Killed Laura Palmer” coupled with strange and scary characters intrigued viewers as much as it left them confused. With new episodes being put together, you have to wonder how many of the original characters we’re going see. Kyle MacLachlan aka FBI Agent Dale Cooper is game, of course.

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I think the influence of the show can be felt, at least indirectly, in stylized and moody series like True Detectiveand American Horror Story.’ With a whole new audience to gain, and the popularity of such shows, Twin Peaks could finally become the hit it was meant to be. We have two years to wait, so we should probably stock up on pie now.

Showtime Announces New Horror Series ‘Penny Dreadful’

photo courtesy of sho.com
photo courtesy of sho.com


When it comes to satisfyingly pushing the envelope of cable television, we all know that Showtime is king. This Spring, they aim to remind anyone who’s forgotten this fact, especially in the midst of ‘Dexter’ critics. The new series, ‘Penny Dreadful’, will take place in Victorian England and feature some of the most famously frightening characters ever found in literature (e.g. Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein). With a cast led by the ever entrancing Eva Green, along with Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett, and Billie Piper, the show looks to have an interesting array of acting chops behind it! I love horror and the seductive yet creepy way that Showtime is beginning their marketing of the show gives me high hopes for the full content they’ll bring us. In other words, I had to stop seal!clapping to write this. See how much I love you all?!

Check out the new teaser trailer and let us know what you think!

‘Penny Dreadful’ is slated to premiere Sunday, May 11, at 10pm EST. We’ll keep you posted on any new tidbits or changes as they come.

‘Dexter’ Season 8 ‘The End Begins’ – Official Trailer

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Hoooboy.  Shit’s gettin’ real.  After Deb killed Maria LaGuerta but not her serial killer brother last season, it seems she’s losing it. Drugs, booze and random sex. Oh, and a DUI.

So. If we had to pit Dr. Lecter against Dexter Morgan, I wonder what would happen. I say Hannibal for the win. Hmmm…after just one search, I see there are a whole lot of nuts out there posting the same question. I won’t give you the link.  You can do that yourself.

The final season of Dexter begins June 30th on Showtime.  See you there.