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Garbage’s New Video For “Big Bright World”



Garbage released the new video for their second single “Big Bright World” featuring some of their lucky fans in some underwater scenes. Directed by Julie Orser, the guys in the band are noticably absent, but Shirley Manson appears throughout the mostly black and white video.

Garbage are currently on tour in Asia and will be returning to the States next month–and someone we know is GOING!



Check out the video!Do you love it as much as we do?


Song Of The Day, Garbage “Blood For Poppies”




If you caught True Blood last night, if not go read my recap, you heard Garbage‘s latest single “Blood For Poppies” playing in the background when Sookie went to Fangtasia. I’d like to think Pam is a big fan of Shirley Manson.


Blood For Poppies” is the first single off the band’s first album in more than 6 years, Not Your Kind Of People. The album is out now and the band is already touring. Go check them out!


Shirley Manson Calls Out Dude for Hitting a Girl During Garbage’s Show in Atantic City, NJ

Shirley don't play.

Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about.

via TheBlemish.com

“It’s safe to say that Chris Brown will never be welcome at a Garbage concert. While performing Stupid Girl at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, Shirley Manson witnessed a man hitting a woman behind him. Shirley called for a record scratch and reamed the guy out. The guy says the girl started it but Shirley don’t care. You don’t hit a woman in Shirley’s book.



Do NOT eff around with Shirley…or her female fans.  Ya got that?


Shirley with her Boys


Just another reason I’m in love with this woman…and it’s about GD time Garbage released another album.  Can you believe they were dropped by their record label for not being “pop enough”?  Seriously.  Garbage were never a “pop” band.  They are pure rock ‘n roll with a bad-ass, sexy lead vocalist, who writes scary, real and honest lyrics.  You got a problem with that?  I don’t think that discussion would end well for you.