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Bruno Mars ‘Gorilla’ Official Video – NSFW And A Cold Shower Needed Thanks To Freida Pinto!



Hold onto your motha-f*ckin’ hats, y’all.   And don’t say I didn’t warn ya. (Fanning myself…)

Gotdaaayuuum. That gorgeous girl?? It’s FREIDA PINTO! 

via Billboard.com

“Mars and his band performing the epic “Unorthodox Jukebox” cut in a seedy bar as “Slumdog Millionaire” star Freida Pinto attacks a stripper pole with her entire sexual being. Sure, the Luis Guzman cameo is pretty memorable, but not as memorable as the back-to-back shots of Pinto (playing the impossibly alluring Isabella) peppering Mars’ guitar with tequila and a lit match, and then ravenously sucking face with the singer in the backseat of a steamy car.”


Frieda Pinto
Freida Pinto???


Legs.For.DAYS. (Still fanning myself…)

Missy Elliot Is BACK, Bitches.

Missy’s BACK.

Missy Elliot is back and as a woman of a certain age, I am thrilled. She scored the soundtrack for my single-ladies-clap-their-hands days, when I most definitely was NOT looking for anybody to put a ring on it.

I can still remember a slightly frayed but rapidly commercializing Times Square littered with hot pink posters with BITCH in a strong, black font. The two singles that dropped today are good if not great. But I am pretty certain that I will love one of the endless remixes that will follow.

In the meantime, I leave you with Missy’s new single, Triple Threat (Feat. Timbaland).

Shirley Manson Calls Out Dude for Hitting a Girl During Garbage’s Show in Atantic City, NJ

Shirley don't play.

Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about.

via TheBlemish.com

“It’s safe to say that Chris Brown will never be welcome at a Garbage concert. While performing Stupid Girl at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, Shirley Manson witnessed a man hitting a woman behind him. Shirley called for a record scratch and reamed the guy out. The guy says the girl started it but Shirley don’t care. You don’t hit a woman in Shirley’s book.



Do NOT eff around with Shirley…or her female fans.  Ya got that?


Shirley with her Boys


Just another reason I’m in love with this woman…and it’s about GD time Garbage released another album.  Can you believe they were dropped by their record label for not being “pop enough”?  Seriously.  Garbage were never a “pop” band.  They are pure rock ‘n roll with a bad-ass, sexy lead vocalist, who writes scary, real and honest lyrics.  You got a problem with that?  I don’t think that discussion would end well for you.