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Madonna Sings ‘Born This Way’ in Hits Medly? Of COURSE She Does.

"It's banans! B A N A N A S!"--oh, wait. A DIFFERENT Blonde.


So what we have here is a little bit of cheekiness from Madonna. How unusual.  I’d like to think it’s that she has a sense of humor about life in general, but I don’t think she was born with a funny gene in her body…only sinew and the drive to be The Only Blonde on the Block.



“Madonna raises eyebrows as she quotes Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ in tour medley…

Some fans have suggested that Madonna is taking a swipe at Lady Gaga on her current tour after audio recordings emerged showing the singer referencing ‘Born This Way’ lyrics.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ was initially criticised for being too similar to Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’, with the former decrying the alleged similarities.  However, Madonna had said at the time that Gaga essentially “redid” her song.

In an audio recording from her MDNA tour, Madonna appears to sing lyrics to ‘Born This Way’ over the music for ‘Express Yourself’.

She then merges the songs into her 2008 track ‘She’s Not Me’.”

Take a listen to what someone has leaked from Madonna’s upcoming tour:


Hmmmmm…I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this reductive behavior.  In Madonna’s own words: “Look it up.”

Lindsay’s Free! Who’s Got the Jack and Blow? Whoooo-Hoooo!

Yeah, RIGHT, Bitches!!

Hell, yeah!  Lindsay’s a Free Bitch, Baby!  (You know she yelled that on her way out of the pokey…)

Jaaayzus.  This is classic Lindsay, isn’t it?    Firstly, our favorite redhead (I refuse to call her “fire-crotch”–as it’s rude and she more than likely gets her area waxed)–where was I?  Oh. That’s right.  Lindsay did her monthly revolving door at the L.A. County lockup–and has been released on her own recognizance (oh yes, a “Raising Arizona” reference is always good).  Seems Lindsay somehow ponied up the cash for the $30K bail, y’all and walked her fine ass outta the stir.

via: NYDN:

The troubled actress strolled out of a Los Angeles jail late Friday night, narrowly avoiding another stint behind bars for failing a drug test.

Lohan posted $300,000 bail and was set free after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg overturned another judge’s decision to lock the actress up earlier in the day.

“She’s been very cooperative, always has been — the first time and hopefully this is the last time,” said Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “She was demure, she was a model inmate.”

Two black Escalades were waiting for Lohan as she was whisked

out of a rear exit shortly before midnight.

Whitmore denied the actress was given special treatment.

“When you have somebody of that celebrity and profile, we made a decision to do it more surreptitiously,” he said. “This is the best way for safety and security and we believe it was the right thing to do.”

Insiders said she was in good spirits before she was released. **Durrrr.  Wouldn’t YOU be??**

“She was happy, she was smiling,” said an inmate trustee who works inside the facility and identified herself as Q. Owens. “She looked pretty, she had no makeup.”

Before her release, Lohan was placed in a cell within a module that was cleared out so she had no neighbors. Inmates were served an evening meal of noodles, meat, peas and raw cabbage.

Lohan arrived in a $1,195 pair of Christian Louboutin heels but was given brand new shoes and a new uniform once inside, even though most inmates get used clothing and shoes, said Natalie Olivas, who works in the jail.

Linds just prior to checking in the the consierge at the L.A. County Slammer. She looks TREMENDOUS! (In a clowny-sorta way...WHITE FACE!) Photo: X17

Wanna see something funny?  We all saw the fan-TAS-tic Christian Louboutins Linds wore into court, right?  Well, since cameras weren’t allowed in the courtroom this time (D’OH!) we got what looks like a designer’s sketchbook from LAST season’s collection.

Yep. We all wear our Loubs on our way to jaaaaaail.

Lindsay’s toes always look like they need a good scrub, but that’s just because I’m a bit of a foot fetishist and notice All Things Feet.

I'll bet you ANYTHING Lindsay has asked for the original...with museum matting and framing.

So, yeah.  Seriously.  See you at Lindsay’s around 2:30 a.m., yo!