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First Photos of Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime Movie, ‘Liz and Dick’

Lindsay as Liz and Grant Blowler as Dick


I’ve been meaning to post this photo for a few days.  I just remembered–sorry.  I gotta say, Lindsay looks bloody gorgeous.  I don’t know who this Grant fella is, but I’m sure he’s fine.

If all we had to do was go by this photo alone, we could hope for a decent little made-for-TV movie.  Who knows?  Maybe Lindsay will go all method on us and let her crazy-rage-filled psyche come out and play.  Lord know, Liz had it in her personality.

Here’s another photo Lifetime has released that is quite pretty, as well.

Linds as Liz


Oh, and just in case you’re too young (or have forgotten), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne in ‘Twin Peaks’) made quite a lovely Liz in the early 90’s.

Wow. Sherilyn Fenn ALWAYS did if for me...


What do you think? What are your expectations?

Happy Birthday, David Lynch!

Happy Birthday, you crazy-genius.

I’m not an expert on the works of David Lynch, but I’ve seen (read: endured, tortured myself, fell asleep during, was riveted by, had nightmares about, fell in love with certain characters, almost vomited during, and now have an un-natural fear of owls because of) many of his  films, as well as the beloved TV show, Twin Peaks. (Oh, Audrey Horne, you minx.)

Sherilyn Fenn - "Audrey Horne" from "Twin Peaks"

David Lynch, the visionary director of  Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, Wild at Heart, Mulholland Drive and my favorite film by Mr. Lynch, The Elephant Man is celebrating his 66th birthday today. (If you haven’t seen this beautiful film, you must.  You MUST.)

Thank goodness for the YouTube.  I found a wonderful piece that masterfully encompasses all that IS David Lynch and his work and vision.

What is your favorite David Lynch piece of work?  It was your least favorite?  If nothing else, Mr. Lynch will get inside your psyche in a very visceral manner…whether it’s with disgust or sheer beauty–or both.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

p.s. I can do a spot-on imitation of the “baby” from Eraserhead.  Ask Patrick. It totally freaks him right out…which means I’ll do it just to torture him.  Heh.

Mario Testino’s Short Film, Featuring Kristen Stewart

She'll never look as good as she does here...Oh, KStew.

Oh, forpitySAKE. Look at Kristen Stewart.  I guess it takes an amazing photographer, hair and makeup artists and a stylist, (and maybe a little weed…just tellin’ ya what I heard!) THEN–and ONLY THEN will KStew appear to be having a bit of fun while smoking in black and white.  Did I mention the photographer is MARIO TESTINO?  (Oh, yeah.  Up there.)  Yeah.  Quite possibly the Royal Photographer for Kate and William’s wedding in April?  Yeah.




And, Sherilyn. (OKAY! I love her!! So WHAT???)

So watch Sourpuss Kristen channel Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh…even Sherilyn Fenn.  (Psssh…she bloody wishes she could exude that kind of heat.)


I don’t buy it. Kristen looks good…but she’ll never have “It”.