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Shaun’s Music Monday– Mashup Style, GAGALO “I Wanna Get Right on Your Disco Stick”

Turn in UP!

Now normally I am not a big fan of mash-ups, or mixes I find roaming around on the intrawebs. But this mix/video was well done. “I Wanna Get Right On Your Disco Stick” is a mix of Lady Gaga’sLovegame” and J. Lo’sGet Right”.

It certainly does an awesome job in mixing both the songs, and putting together a damn good video. It’s almost too perfect that JLo dances with that cane.. or disco stick?!

Sean Winnie is the web artiste that mashed, and gave us our Music Monday video.  Check it out!!


Shaun’s Music Monday – Creepy John Mayer Makes Me Cry!


Well kids, it’s Monday. And between all the sickness that has been going ’round and my stress and struggles with my recent breakup, I heard John Mayer on the radio. Yes, the one and only John Mayer.  Now,  I haven’t particularly been a fan of this creepy looking dude (looks a bit like a character off that new kids’ movie Rango), but the guy can belt out a tear-inducing song.

So whilst I try and move through life and clean up the mess, “Heartbreak Warfare” gives some pretty raw details of how shit can hit the fan. I promise more upbeat and current tunes in the following weeks, but as I sit here and cry my eyes out at the lyrics of this song, and at how creepy John Mayer is, I look to brighter days ahead!!

Shaun’s Music Monday! Triple whammy! Slamming trax from J.Lo, Kelis, AND Rhianna!


So I was pulling a very late night last night, doing some homework and discovered a few things.

First of all, YouTube is addictive and second, there are some pretty great remixes of songs out there. Now being gay, there is a mantra, “If you don’t get that mix, it’s gone 86’d” (from the Pet Shop Boys: New York City Boy). Which is really true,we gays do love a slamming remix!  So, today’s Music Monday is quite the treat. I discovered at 4 in the morning, a fantastic remix of a few track and just couldn’t wait to get up on here and share ’em with ya!

Well the time has come, that J.Lo release something so slamming that we forget that she is on that damn Idol show.  She has gone back to her ‘On the 6’ roots, and with the help of Pitbull, (cuz everyone needs a ‘collaborator’ these days), “On the Floor” is SO slamming.  Damn girl, she just sounds like a sexy Latina I want to ‘get to know’! Makes me feel like dancing and getting dirrtty!

The official video has been released, but like I said, you gotta get the mix, yo.  So this is the Low Sunday remix of her single from the forthcoming album (dropping March 29th I believe) “On the Floor” (feat. Pitbull)

NOW.. hang on tight.. here come the bonus Hot Trax… Shaunie Boy has pulled out the stops and found some sh*t that is HOT!

We love Rhianna, I know I do, and certainly love “What’s My Name?” but it was kinda bugging with Drake.  So this remix omits him all together and man, it is a different vibe all together! Low Sunday did a great stripped down mix of this song.  It is gritty in feel, ya know like music videos we used to watch in French class of some crazy ‘pop’ artist?  Rhianna and that red hair.. ON FIRE!! I am sex- addicted to this version.

Video “What’s My Name” Rhianna, (Low Sunday Radio Edit)

Now hang on tight!! Kelis has slid a bit under the radar in the past few, but Holy Hannah!! She is fierce! Her ‘new’ album, released last year, Flesh Tone is gaining steam and lordy lordy, she is quite the different artist from “Milkshake” and “Bossy“. Kelis has channeled the energy and charisma of Donna Summer and Grace Jones and the video for “Scream” makes me do just that.. in ecstasy!!  This fraking remix makes me want to sound the alarm!

Kelis: “Scream” (7th Heaven Radio Edit)


Now everyone, DANCE…on a MONDAY!!