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Shaun’s Christmas Countdown.. Flashy Lights!

It’s just around the corner kids, not even another weekend to shop. It is upon us, so in the words of Professor Hinkle from ‘Frosty the Snowman,’ “Busy, busy, busy!”

Growing up one of my favorites was a cassette of Mannheim Steamroller. We used to listen to their synth infused holiday classics every year while decorating the tree. They have been over shadowed by that Trans Siberian Orchestra in the last decade or so, but I prefer my synthie Steamroller.

I know that they perform live shows, but upon looking for a video I was struck by this phenomenon of syncing music and lights. What makes people want to decorate their house with thousands of lights and have them synced up to a 3-5 minute long song? It’s rather like a Christmas light seizure. I have to wonder, first of all, the light bill, my God, and second, where the hell these type of people live and if they are friendly with any of their neighbors. This is just absurd how much flashing-to-the-beat there is. Could you imaging having to watch that on a loop, if you lived in this neighborhood??

Oh well…. Still a fantastic version of ‘Deck the Halls‘ by Mannheim Steamroller, and just thank the lord you don’t live across the street!!

Shaun’s Christmas Countdown! WHAM!!


Today’s countdown kids will be a quickie. We all know and love (well depending on how many times we hear it), “Last Christmas”, it’s a holiday classic. No matter how many times it has been redone, and re-covered… George Michael and WHAM! do it better than anyone! I mean it was THEIR song for gosh sakes! To think that some people think that Hilary Duff or Ashley Tisdale were the original artists! Psshhaw! No way man. That hot 80’s George gave his heart, and this year he is giving it someone special.

So here is your George special with a side of WHAM! (check out that Farrah feathered hair, and that Jeep… how did he trick so many Brits into thinking he was straight?!) with “Last Christmas!”

Shaun’s Christmas (Christina!) Countdown Continues!

Today must have been my ‘Black Monday’! All day I have been trying to get gifts and shipping and whatnot coordinated and still needed to post our Christmas Countdown! Well, happy to say I am back, a bit before dark today, and really need some pick-me-up music. I know just the gal:  Ms. Christina Aguilera!

We all know this Mickey Mouse Club sista’ can sing, and we know she can hold her own against Cher in Burlesque, but I really do love the sass she gives to this Christmas carol. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, better known as The Christmas Song, can sometimes toast my nerves.. you so thought I was gonna say nuts!  HA!  Christina puts a little twist with this dance-y remix, which will help me clean up my house and get some gifts wrapped tonight!

(Just in case you need a little down-tempo Christina, here is another one, makes my neck hair stand on end!!)