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Urban Outfitters – “Eat Less” shirt on emaciated model. (Redundant much?)

Shirt by Urban Outfitters - Pro-Ana?

I’m not really convinced that this is indeed a “pro-anorexic” shirt that is being sold at Urban Outfitters.  Maybe it’s a social commentary, making a statement of how gluttonous Americans have become.  Maybe the “eat” is also referring to the consumerist-state-of-mind of the wealthy in the U.S.  Maybe it’s a metaphor for of the millions of Americans who lost their jobs, homes and are now in lines at local food banks, hoping that there is a can of formula available for their hungry babies.

No.  I think this shirt is a statement that all women should weigh no more than 90 lbs.

Shame on you, American Outfitters.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James SPLIT. She moved OUT.

Oh, shit.

Oh, HELL no.  That was FAST, y’all.

Talk about a bittersweet couple of weeks.  Actually, that Oscar probably doesn’t mean much to Sandy right now.  She has moved the eff OUT of the home she and Jesse James share, which means the rumors must be somewhat, if not entirely true that he cheated on his fabulous wife with a dirty, tatted-up tart.

I think Jesse is an insecure asshole who just can’t handle someone like Sandra…a normal, down-to-earth, nurturing, funny, smart woman.  Apparently, he prefers whores and porn stars.

Nice that he gave Sandy the “quiver chin and tears” for the Oscars when she won Best Actress – tears of guilt, perhaps?

What a fucking disappointment Jesse James has turned out to be.  If there’s anyone in Hollywood who deserves better, it’s SANDRA BULLOCK.

We got yo’ back, girl.

Hey Vogue Magazine? Where’s Tina Fey’s SCAR? Glasses?

Tina? Is that really YOU?

Is that really Tina Fey?  Did Anna Wintour (aka “the Devil”)  think that American women would not accept a woman with a –GASP–scar on her glasses-wearing face on the cover of Vogue?  Good GAWD, that woman is horrible.

I suppose, too, that Tina could’ve said, “hey,  no glasses and scar? No ME on your cover, Bitch!”.  Oh, who knows how much say Tina had regarding the photoshoot with famed photographer Mario Testino.  I DO know Anna Wintour has ALL the say.

Shame on you, Anna–AGAIN.