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Adam Levine Is The Sexiest Man Alive – Or So Says People Magazine

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Photos: People

It’s that time of year again. Everything is gingerbread or pumpkin spice flavored, and People magazine is pissing people off with their pick for ‘The Sexiest Man Alive.’ Last year it was Channing Tatum, this year it’s Maroon 5 frontman, supermodel dater and coach of ‘The Voice,’ Adam Levine.

The news was leaked last week and already had people mad. No, Adam isn’t the sexiest dude out there, but why do these frivolous titles always bother people? He’s a safe choice, and not bad looking, but obviously not everyone’s cup of Starbucks. When people argue over who they think deserved the cover more, it’s always a white dude as equally as basic, or you know Idris Elba. I’m glad they photographed him with a beard, because he tends to look like an Archie character without it. While he might be something of a “charming douche,” he accepted it, so let him have it, because RyanGosling, as much as you might want him to, doesn’t want it.


As for the other dudes you can drool over in the special double issue, there is Idris, our “Late Night Boo” Jimmy Fallon, chart topper Bruno MarsChris PinePharrell WilliamsRonan FarrowJustin Theroux and soccer superstar David Beckham. The issue hits newsstands on Friday, November 22.

Channing Tatum Is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

Your heard it here last week, y’all.


So we found out last week through a leak that Channing Tatum would be crowned People magazine’s The Sexiest Man Alive.” I personally have no problem with that, but I’ve heard Channy called everything from “potato face” to “completely undeserving,” so there are a lot of feelings involved here. The Ryan Gosling stans are still mad, and maybe rightfully so, but there are many other men that made this year’s list.

Blake Shelton

The Voice’ coach Blake Shelton makes the cut this year. His wife Miranda Lambert calls him “very caring and loyal”, which is pretty sexy to me.

Chris Hemsworth

Sadly, ‘Thor‘ star Chris Hemsworth isn’t shirtless here. His career has been blowing up lately, but we might skip the remake of ‘Red Dawn,’ even though he looks pretty hot in it.

Oh, Richard Gere

Richard Gere is the oldest guy on the list, and a former “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Mr. Washington

The second oldest, Denzel Washington has also held the title. I hope some of the younger guys on this list age as well as they do.



Not many people had heard of Oscar Pistorius before the 2012 Summer Olympics, but he caught our eye even if maybe I spent more time drooling over some other Olympians.

Oh, HEY Paul Rudd…


Can you believe that Paul Rudd is 43?! Seems like just yesterday we were being jealous that Cher Horowitz got to make out with her ex-step bro on that staircase.

Channing Tatum To Be Named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”

Magic Channing

People magazine usually keeps the winner of the title of “Sexiest Man Alive” a big secret right up until the day the special issue is released, but word has it that Channing Tatum is taking the honor this year. Gossip Cop was apparently the first to learn that the 33-year old actor is the magazine’s choice for “Sexiest Man Alive,” but they are keeping quiet. “We never comment on who the Sexiest Man Alive is until the issue is revealed,” a rep for People told HuffPost Celebrity.

There were protests outside of People‘s offices when they named Bradly Cooper “Hottest White Guy Of The Moment” (let’s be real, that’s what this really is) instead of Ryan Gosling last year. Gosling’s fans have nothing better to do, I guess. I predict there will be more butthurt about this and people questioning if Tatum is really deserving of the title.

Magic Mike


Look, I happen to like Channing and think he’s a nice looking guy. He’s had a pretty big year, ‘Magic Mike‘ raked in over $150 million dollars at the box office, the remake of ‘21 Jump Street‘ also did well and he has at least 4 movies coming out next year.

So is he the most handsome white dude out there, well, no, but his career is on fire right now. That has to count for something.  If any basic, melanin deficient guy is going to be on the cover it might as well be him. I always enjoy the “Sexiest Man Alive” issue because the real lookers are on the inside anyways

People Magazine’s official announcement will be made on November 14 when the issue hits newsstands.