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Seattle is STILL “Heroin Central”; Widespread Addiction in Seattle Suburban High Schools; Super-Pure Heroin Kills 7 in 5 Days

The wolf in sheep's clothing...(Photo: jaBrink)
This person is dead now.

It’s back with a vengeance. I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone back in the 90’s–the writer referred to Seattle as “Heroin Central”.   It’s not a claim to fame to be proud of, that’s for sure.

Heroin has reared its ugly head again like the monster we all know it to be…and it’s here in Seattle.  Again.  And in a big, cheap, deadly way.

via KING5.com

[High school student] Hannah Muir knows.

It’s the greatest thing on this planet. There’s nothing like it,” said Muir, a recovering heroin addict who has been clean for 110 days. “It’s easier than finding someone to buy you alcohol. It’s easier than finding weed. It’s easier than finding someone to buy you a pack of cigarettes.

Good Lord. Reading those words turns my stomach.  I’ve personally known a heroin addict, whom upon completing rehab still spoke about heroin as a lover for whom they still desired.  I hope none of you ever experience the shit storm that heroin brings into family’s lives.  There’s really only one thing that could be worse, and that would be the horrific and senseless death of the heroin addict.

This guy is dead, too. He was someone's son; brother; best friend.

Here’s the thing:   The heroin that’s being sold and used today is not the heroin we used to hear about when rock stars and actors overdosed and died.  It’s not the heroin junkies used on the streets in the inner city back in the day, either, which was maybe 5% pure, as it was cut with “fillers”, such as baby laxatives or powdered milk and even animal feces.  Today’s heroin is up to 90% pure Mexican black tar, named for its dark, gooey consistency.  Add to the equation that it’s easier to obtain heroin than weed…and it’s also much more affordable.  I hear-tell one can obtain a gram of heroin for around $30 bucks.  Jesus.

via: ABCNews.com

I hate to sound fatalistic, but you can be the best or worst parent in the world, but kids are still going to experiment. Heroin seems to have a “romanticism” about it–“Oh, hi, Kurt! Hey, Jimi–where’s Layne Staley and Andrew Wood, all of the Seattle musicians who OD’d on heroin? Oh, talking to Chris Farley, Mitch Hedberg and John Belushi? Hey, there’s DeeDee Ramone, Pete Farndon (The Pretenders), Billie Holiday, River Phoenix and 80’s painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat!” Yeah. Super-awesome.  They’re all DEAD from heroin overdoses (along with a gunshot to the mouth for one Seattle musician, huh?).

Sorry, y’all, but  heroin isn’t a rite of passage.  It isn’t something “artists” are required to add to their own dark resume`.  It’s a death sentence, plain and simple.  You will end up alone, isolated, ostracized from your family and probably found bloated and dead with a needle in your arm. And now? Now we have SUPER-PURE HEROIN.

via Seattle Times:

The Cowlitz County, Wash., coroner says super-pure heroin is blamed for the deaths of seven people in the county in five days.

Coroner Tim Davidson told the Daily News on Wednesday ( http://is.gd/BYwzrU) that, in his words, “They’re dying with the syringe still in their hands.”

The victims include a man who died in a grocery store restroom and a man who died last Friday in Kelso but whose body was found Tuesday night along a creek.

Deputy Coroner Brett Dundas says medical examiners in Vancouver and Portland are also talking about the extremely pure heroin, sometimes called “hot heroin.”

Dundas says people who take the drug go into immediate respiratory failure.

This is heartbreaking, and sadly, I don’t see things getting better.

Hunter Comes Home Tomorrow After 60 Days in Rehab

Hunter -- Photo: jaBrink

This is a difficult post to write, but I’ve written worse, haven’t I?  Hunter is coming home from a 60-day stint in a very hardcore rehab facility tomorrow.  I’m staying in a hotel nearby his facility, as it’s about 3+ hours away home; he will be discharged at 8:00 a.m.


Photos: Tahna Edwards

My stomach hurts.  It’s been hurting for, hmmmm, well over 60 days.  I’ve emotionally flogged myself bloody and gotten really sick during the process of Hunter’s addiction.  It’s not just his situation that’s making me so weak and skinny again, but the worrying isn’t helping.

My SilverFox husband and I visited Hunter on Sunday.  He looked healthier than I’ve seen him in YEARS.  No dark circles under his eyes, clear skin, strong and muscular from working out and eating well.  He was sweet, funny and gracious and introduced us to the many other residents.  It’s still all kind of a blur, though.

I’m still remembering the skinny little junkie...and I’m scared.  He just turned 22 and this was his 5th time in rehab.  I want to believe with all my heart that everything will be okay, I really do.  But.

Expect current photos of a healthy Hunter very soon.

I seriously just came across these scary and haunting photos a few minutes ago, and I cannot stop crying.


Kurt Cobain Shrine Erected in Aberdeen, Washington – 17 Years After His Death

Statue in Aberdeen - Photo via TMZ

Wow.  Seventeen years ago?  I cannot even believe it’s been that long since Kurt died.  And being in Seattle,  it was awful.  Really awful.  It still makes me sad.

Kurt’s hometown, Aberdeen, Washington is remembering with a concrete guitar sculpture.


The sculpture was unveiled on Tuesday near the Young Street bridge, where Kurt reportedly hung out when he lived in Aberdeen. The bridge was mentioned in the Nirvana song, “Something in the Way“.

Poor Kurt.

We miss you, Kurt.