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Delicious, Cream-Filled LINKS!

  • AMC interview with “Duck” from Mad Men.  It walks like a duck.  Busy Bee Blogger
  • Gas vs. Charcoal? What in the world? I just want mah baaah buh cue, y’all!  HilaryShepherd.com
  • Keira Knightly sticks her bum out on a motorcycle for Chanel!  I Need My Fix
  • Venus Williams and her gaudy U.S. Open outfits. Girl, at least make it FIT, if you can’t “make it WORK”! Celebrity Smack
  • Justin Bieber just wants “normal” fans. Good luck finding ’em, Honey.  Earsucker
  • JetBlue flight attendant #1 has boozy party pictures!  Oh, Steven Slater!  Starcasm.net
  • Even criminals in jail think Paris Hilton is a nuisance.  Popbytes

Summer’s officially OVER in Seattle…but did it ever really kick in?  Sigh.  Here comes the Seasonal Affective Disorder crabbiness.  Oh, hush.  I realize it never stopped.  (And those stupid lights don’t work…just tellin’ ya what I KNOW.)

PussPuss to my Lovies! xoxo ~ j