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American Idol – Scotty McCreery WINS

Lauren and Scotty

This thing is FINALLY over!

For the big finale all the Idol castoffs were brought back to remind us why they were kicked off, but there were some great duets with the likes of Tony Bennett and Gladys Knight. Over 122 million votes were cast, and apparently America really loves Scotty McCreery.


Dork This Way

Keeping with Idol tradition, the Top 13 dressed in all white performed Lady Gaga’sBorn This Way“. It sounded better than when they did it weeks ago, maybe Gaga threatened to kick them with one of her platform boots if they messed it up.

James Durbin performed with Judas Priest. I like that he and Rob Halpert tried to out-leather and stud each other.

Jacob Lusk duetted with Kirk Franklin on “I Smile” and then were joined by Gladys Knight. In oddest duet of the night, Casey Abrams and Jack Black sang Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls“. Jack has a movie to promote, and well, Casey needed something to do. It surprisingly, sounded really good.

During last year’s finale, the girls got together to sing a medley of Christina Aguilera’s hits an then she came out to show them how it’s really done. Beyonce let the Top 13 girls butcher her hits and then she out booty shook them during “Crazy In Love“. Later, Bey returned to give us a live version of her latest single, “1+1“.

T-Boz and Chili - TLC

Along with TLC’s performance, I think Idol was trying to make a point that girls rule the world, or at least Idol for the night.


Tim McGraw and Scott

Scotty and Haley got duets, with Tim McGraw and Tony Bennett respectively.

Shake it, Gurrrrl...

Jennifer Lopez got to heat up the stage with her husband, Marc Anthony. He covered Héctor Lavoe’s Aguanile”, she danced and Sheila E. tore up those drums. It was a hot performance, and as Seacrest said, “Now we know what they do at home”. (Was Ryan pervy-er this season, or is it just me?)

The Top 13 guys peformed a medley of songs that starts off with Stefano Langone singing Prince, and James singing “What’s New Pussycat“. This was oddly sexy, and even more so when they were joined by Tom Jones! We all did the Carlton Dance–don’t act like you didn’t!

Lady Gaga, who is on a huge promotion tour for her latest album Born This Way, threw herself of the edge while singing “The Edge of Glory“. Never has she been more literal. This song is growing on me, though.

We GET it, Carrie!!

Lauren got to sing with Carrie Underwood. I think Carrie took advantage of Lauren’s voice being shot by hitting all those big notes, and maybe to silence all the people comparing Lauren to her. And how ’bout her tiny shorts and gorgeous legs? We GET it, Carrie! You’re a pretty, skinny blonde chick in a plastic sort of way!

The judges all got tributes, but Steven’s was the most fun and he got down on the piano while performing Aerosmith’sDream On“. I wonder why James didn’t join him.


There was also a boring Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark number with Bono and The Edge of U2. No wonder this thing has had so many problems. Down to the results, Lauren looked like she was about to piss her panties and Scotty was obviously overwhelmed when he was announced the winner. I personally think Lauren’s winning song was better. Scotty’s “I Love You This Big” sounds childish and weird. Then again, they were the youngest to ever be in the finale, as was pointed out to us numerous times over the two hour show.

Well, it was fun ummmm, at first. Until January!