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Kanye West Goes ‘American Psycho’ To Promote His New Album

scott disickAmerican Psycho’ is a DiC favorite, and clearly one enjoyed by Kanye West as well. To promote his new album ‘Yeezus,’ West employs Kardashian family member Scott Disick, the one who has two kids with Kourtney, and E! personality Jonathan Cheban to recreate the movie’s most memorable scene. Or second most memorable if you count Christian Bale getting it on with two prostitutes.


Disick plays the iconic Patrick Bateman character, waxing poetic about the album and his love of Ye. Disick seems to be obsessed with Kanye in real life, so I don’t think this was much of a stretch for him, and many have commented that he looks like a real life Bateman. Things get pretty bloody after he dons a clear raincoat and gets to hacking. Word has it that Kanye originally wanted James Franco for this.

You can watch the clip at KanyeWest.com, after you download ‘Yeezus’ which you probably already have.