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Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl sues Scissor Sisters. VIDEO

See you in COURT, Jake Shears.
Exhibit A - Jake Shears

I’ll wait for you to for you to pull on your Depends Undergarments.  Here’s Dave Grohl’s interview regarding his lawsuit against Scissor Sisters.  You might want a tissue or two.  It’s kind of heartbreaking, really.

Hey, SNL? You want an amazing host? Here you go. Hey…we need a Facebook petition-deal like Betty White had–DAVE GROHL NEEDS TO HOST SNL!

Oh, and here’s my favorite Scissor Sisters song–LOVE this. Always will. But I think you know that already. Whatever.

Lorne Michaels? If you’re smart, you’ll take my advice on this one.  And one more thing–Dave Grohl hosting, Foo Fighters AND Scissor Sisters as musical guests. TOGETHER, gotdamnit.

Today’s Guest Review x 2 – Scissor Sisters in Seattle!

Scissor Sisters at the Sodo, y'all! Photo: Chris Ferguson

Review by: Shaun Kiddoo

We all know the gays love the Scissor Sisters, right? But what we didn’t know was that ALL the gays of Seattle would be jammed all-up-in the Showbox SODO September 15th to catch a droplet of sweat from lead singer Jake Shears.

Oh, Jake...

After procuring a spot as close to the stage as we could get, we were treated to a blasé opening act, Casey Spooner that was almost as exciting as one of his featured songs, Cinnamon Toast. This just allowed more time to drink up before an explosion of glam-disco-funk-sexy-seduction from the Scissor Sisters.

"Snookin" throwin' elbows up in herrre

Now with so many worked up fans, there was bound to be drama as we awaited our Sisters. With any crowded venue, there will be those who push their way into an already overcrowded crowd. Weelllll… this little “Snookie” decided to really work her way into our area by strategically dancing with her elbows and her chunk of an ass. Me being me, and by me, meaning being a bitch, I only took her conniving antics for a few minutes. I solved this problem by switching places with my dear boyfriend who is 6’5”. Ooops. Did I just block your view and kill your game? Yes, yes I did… I will cut a bitch.  But I digress.

Feeling high from my cunningness (oh–that looks very similar to another word when typed), I was certainly pumped when Jake, Ana Matronic, Babydaddy, Del Marquis, and Randy Real blasted on stage with their title track, “Night Work”. Wow. These cats can really work a stage and a crowd. I felt like I was watching some crazy mashup with the energy of Gwen Stefani and the sophisticated gayness of Queen. All the while entranced by Jake and his sexy black skintight lycra attire.

Sweaty, sweaty, SWEATY

The Sisters went on to fill us with delight with songs from their newest album “ Night Work”. We have ‘Any Which Way’, very Lipps Inc, Funkytown-esque, and of course the first single from the album ‘Fire with Fire’. Jake introduced a ‘Whole New Way’ as a song about (GASP) sodomy… now you know that got the crowd salivating, especially with lyrics like “I found a whole new way to love you… my sneak up from behind is gonna blow your mind.”

Since this show had SOOO many adoring fans, they of course had to bust out ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’. Ana Matronic showed her prowess as well as her claws as lead vocal on ‘Skin This Cat.’ There was some fist pumping through ‘Nightlife’, which has a backbeat reminiscent of ‘Footloose’ with an awesome disco train speeding through the background. Wooh Wooh… Fist pump, fist pump!

Of course, playing a show in Seattle, past stomping grounds for a few of the band members, really did give the evening a ‘living room’ feel. Okay, well, not unless I had a light rig tower in my living room with Jake Shears writhing and climbing on it. But we all knew when the lights went dark when they ‘concluded’ their show that they just had to bring us all home with an encore.


And bring us home they did. The Scissor Sisters unleashed the lasers for the magical “Invisible Light.” This is my personal favorite off the album, so I kept asking, “Where is my light song?” It starts slow and gritty, and really kicks it in with such fervor that I have haven’t seen since J. Lo’s ‘Waiting for Tonight.’

I just felt so high as the lasers were bouncing from every corner that I almost became unaware of the sweat condensation that has now come dripping down off the ceiling ducts. Then I hear the spoken word bit by THE Sir Ian McKellen himself, and feel the build up and anticipation:

“Babylon, where bricks of water, diamonds, power… sailors lust and swagger, blazing in the moon’s beam

Whose lazy gaze penetrates the sparkling theatre of excess’ strobed lights?

To make it worse, sexual gladiators

Fix the old party children, all wake from their slumber to give you the baccara

Come to the light, into the light… the invisible light”

Invisible Light...

As the Sisters sang of invisible light, the lasers cast an array of radiating beams and the crowd is blasted with silver confetti billowing out of the floor and stage.  We were all encased in the Scissor Sisters’ gay disco snow-globe surrounded by invisible light, salacious acts and euphoria.

All in a Night’s Work.

And yet another review of Scissor Sisters!

By: Chris Ferguson

There are three things I’ve come to expect when seeing a Scissor Sisters show:

1. Amazing showmanship

2. Tight band

3. Jake Shears taking more clothes off as the show goes on…

I was not disappointed.  Scissor Sisters are in my top five favorite bands to see live.   Not only for the show on stage, but for the show in the crowd as well.  They opened with Night Work (the title song of their latest album) which really got the crowd going.  They played a good mix of new songs and earlier favorites.  The band did a great job of keeping with uptempo song choices to keep the audience dancing.

One of my favorite moments was when Anna Metronic told everyone to put down their cameras, cell phones, to forget about twitter and facebook, forget about the future, and “just be in the moment now“.  Later on Jake crowd surfed which made me wish I had been closer to the stage.  This band really knows how to connect with the crowd.

They wrapped up with Invisible Light (my personal favorite new song of theirs) and Filthy Gorgeous while confetti and “queer three dollar bills” where shot out onto the crowd.  It was quite climactic (if you know what I mean ;).

I have to say though, that I hated the venue.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to turn a warehouse without venalation into a concert venue should be fired.  It was so hot in there, I was sweatin’ like Whitney Houston!  It was worth it though!  If you ever get a chance to see the Scissor Sisters live in concert….do it!

Hot Bitch

They are A-MAZ-ING!