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USA Network (“Psych”) pays tribute to “Twin Peaks” 20th Anniversary – GASP! (Video/PICS)

Oh, Twin Peaks

Raise your hand if you watched Twin Peaks back in the day.  Now go hide under the covers if it scared the living crap out of you. (That would be me, but I have to write this, so I’ll hide and cry later.)

I’m still scared of creepy brown owls, because they turn into that gee-dee BOB.  I don’t like seeing abandoned old train cars and I really hate stoplights swinging in the wind at night if I’m driving alone.  Freaks me RIGHT out.  I still won’t watch anything that stars actor Ray Wise.  I won’t even watch FOX anchor Shepard Smith because he looks like Ray Wise, who looks like Laura Palmer’s dad, Leland. (Not that I watch StupidFOX, anyway.)  See??? I’m still  totally damaged by this series.

Creepster, Ray Wise will always be Leland Palmer to me.
Sheperd Smith...I'm right, aren't I??

ANYwrappedinplastic.  I ran across the Official Press Release for Psych paying homage to Twin Peaks, and I thought I’d share it with y’all.

via dugpa.com:




Series Originals Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, Ray Wise, Robyn Lively,

Lenny Von Dohlen and Catherine Coulson to guest star.

I'm scared all over again...

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – October 15, 2010 – When PSYCH returns for its fall run in November, viewers will be treated to a “Twin Peaks”-inspired episode scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, December 1 at 10/9c. Entitled “Dual Spires,” the episode celebrates the 20th anniversary of the cult favorite with guest star casting that includes Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, Ray Wise, Robyn Lively, Lenny Von Dohlen and Catherine Coulson. Series Star James Roday serves as co-writer along with Bill Callahan.

Sherilyn Fenn...swooooon.

The episode kicks off with Shawn (Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) receiving a mysterious e-mail inviting them to the annual Cinnamon Festival in Dual Spires, a quirky Northern California town nearly invisible on the map. When they arrive the pair quickly find themselves embroiled in the mysterious death of local high school student Paula Merral. As Shawn and Gus unravel the many secrets of the town, they meet several local residents including town doctor/lawyer/veterinarian Donna Gooden (Sheryl Lee), Sheriff Andrew Jackson (Lenny Von Dohlen), proprietors of the local diner Robert and Michelle Barker (Dana Ashbrook and Robyn Lively), the mysterious Woman with Wood (Catherine Coulson) and enigmatic bookish beauty Maudette Hornsby (Sherilyn Fenn). The pool of suspects proves to be deeper than suspected as Shawn and Gus must work to figure out who killed Paula Merral. Ray Wise reprises his role from last season as Father Westley. [Editor’s Note:  I’m freaking over how clever the character names are–Paula Merral = Laura Palmer?? I’m IN.]

Additionally, songstress Julee Cruise, who performed music during the original run of “Twin Peaks,” has signed on to perform the PSYCH Theme Song for the episode. The landmark series, that fashioned a widespread cult following, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

PSYCH is executive produced by Steve Franks (“Big Daddy”), Kelly Kulchak and Chris Henze, with Universal Cable Productions in association with Tagline Pictures. Mel Damski (“Picket Fences”) serves as the executive producer and as a director. Saladin K. Patterson (“The Bernie Mac Show”), Bill Callahan (“Scrubs”) and Andy Berman (“Freddie”) are co-executive producer/writers.

I’m going to make you watch these clips from this original scary-ass Twin Peaks.  Honestly.  If you don’t know what it’s all about, good for you.  But if you want to know…put the whole series on your queue on the Netflix.

Ummm…here’s a palate-cleanser:

Remember John Mark Karr? Sorry to remind you. Ugh.

JonBenet and that scary nutcase, John Mark Karr

Oh for eff’s sake. I forgot all about this freeeeak. Remember how this nut was accused in the 1996 killing of JonBenet Ramsey? Well, seems he is now pretending to be a SHE–only so he can “get closer to young girls”.  Yeah. You heard me.  He’s pretending to be a chick so he can stay in battered women’s shelters, in hopes of finding little girls.

Watch THIS, y’all.

via KING5.com (Seattle)

Did I hear that correctly? “JonBenet lookalikes called The Immaculates”?  That is a horrific image. Check this out…

via FOXNews.com

“The search for Karr has painted a disturbing picture that chillingly mirrors that of cult killer Charles Manson. Sax says the investigation so far has revealed that “Reich” has as many as 30 “minions” — or followers — who provide him with food, money and computers so that he can travel, survive, communicate with them and remain a phantom. She says those “minions” are also his recruiters for “the Immaculates.”

“He often lives in homeless shelters and uses Craigslist to find rooms for a few days at a time and eats in soup kitchens,” Sax said. “He usually wears a turtleneck to hide his Adam’s apple. He is open about his transgender status.”

I see that HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell is doing a piece on this walking horror film tonight.  I intend on watching.

This sick f*ck needs to be caught, prosecuted and left in GenPop with all the big boys.  That’ll set him straight.  Or not.