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Forget ‘Planking’. Everyone is ‘Draping’ Now! What’s next? ‘Bateman-ing’?

Oh, Mad Men, how you torture us with the length of time in between seasons!  But in the meantime, we have latest craze called “Draping“!

Take a look at these sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, always clever photos of folks from all over the globe showing us their best imitation of everyone’s favorite, Don Draper.

Photos via tumblr

So, what’s next?  Bateman-ing? I’m afraid what those photos would involve.  Maybe just going to the cleaners with blood cran-apple juice stains on your sheets? Oh, maybe it’s a simple as ordering new business cards…with a watermark, of course.

Yeah. I know. I think it would be ummm, more complicated than those examples, so let’s just not try Bateman-ing. I’m scrapping this idea altogether.