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Sarah Silverman made me CHOKE from laughter on Conan…not even kidding.

Sarah and Doug.


I know.  Some of you can’t stand Sarah Silverman.  I’m not one of you.  Her story about her dog, Doug, did me IN last night.  I’m still hoarking up what precious-little lung meat I have left, then I had to go and watch Sarah on Conan O’Brien last night.  There are a LOT of funny bits, but the DOG STORY, you guys.  Go watch, then come back.

Just look dead-eyed if you agree.” I LITERALLY had to hang onto the couch so as not to fall off and crack my head like a melon on the coffee cocktail table. (That sounds, at once gayer AND more appropriate.)  Here’s the best part:  Stephen’s across the room, sitting with James the One-Eyed Boxer, looking all serious and even had a bit of a quiver chin, because he felt so badly for Sarah’s dog.  Meanwhile, I’m peeing myself on the couch, choking, with tears streaming.  I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks.

I need some more purple drank cough syrup…